Facebook Fan Q&A 2/12/16

Where do you see the wrestling business in the next 10 years?  It’s difficult to say. What it needs is another Big Era…an identity for this era. I think the wrestling has gotten much better. WWE will always control the tempo of the business, but it’s nice to see smaller companies surviving. I feel like these next 10 years will be a defining moment for wrestling. We shall see!

If UFC was bigger in the 90’s, would have you considered MMA instead of Pro Wrestling?  Yes, I love MMA. I love combat. I don’t regret what I’ve done in Pro Wrestling, but I’d love to see how I would have done in MMA when I was 100 percent healthy.

What are your thoughts on Daniel Bryan retiring?  It’s sad. Daniel was in his prime. I was fortunate to be able to continue with wrestling my neck problems, Daniel wasn’t. I would have loved to mix it up with him!

Have you ever been to Italy? What is your relationship with the fans of other nations?  I’ve been to Italy for both Olympic and Pro Wrestling. I love that country. Tremendous fans and very fun to travel throughout Italy. I’ve always enjoyed going there.

I just wanted to know, how are you feeling at the moment?  I’m healthy. I feel really good. Very proud of my #farewelltour matches with TNA. Looking forward to wrestling Rey Mysterio for UrShow. Should bring back some amazing memories when Rey and I wrestled in WWE.

Do you agree with the whole Tytus O’Neil suspension?  I don’t know much about it. Something about him hugging someone? I’m not sure what occurred. Titus is a great man. Great father. He is a positive influence on wrestling, from what I know about him.

Has anyone gotten a concussion in one of your matches?  Besides me? LOL. I don’t think so. I suffered a couple of concussions early on in my career. I don’t wish that on anybody.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet? Travel the world with my family. I’ve done it alone, in amateur and pro wrestling, but I’d love to travel Australia, South America, Europe and Asia with my family. No wrestling, just touring the incredible countries. That would be really fun.

In your whole pro wrestling career, What would you say your biggest challenge was?  Staying healthy. It’s tough to stay healthy wrestling for 16 years straight. I’ve been pretty blessed to not have any career ending injuries. Being healthy is a priority for me now. I’d like to be able to play with my kids, and eventually, my grand kids.

With as long as you’ve been in the business, what’s surprised you the most?  Honestly? How good I feel after wrestling 20 years in both Olympic wrestling and pro wrestling. I’m very happy to be as healthy as I am right now.

Why did we see so many thong pictures of you in your WWE days?  Ha. Thong?? You mean my briefs? Underwear? Yes, I’ve had my singlet pulled down to my knees many times. It was to make you laugh. I hope I achieved that.


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