Facebook Fan Q&A 11/06/15

What is your favorite moment from your time with WWE and TNA? My fave moments in WWE and TNA were very special. In WWE it had to be my first title win against The Rock. It placed me at the very top of the company, and at that time there were many incredible stars. Austin, Rock, Taker, HHH, just to name a few. In TNA, it had to be my debut. The build up to it was intense and there wasn’t a person that thought I’d be the surprise signee of the company. TNA did a fabulous job of keeping it quiet- which is hard to do in wrestling.

Can you share a little about your faith. How that has shaped you through recent struggles and who influenced you? My faith has always been so important to me, but I lost track of it for several years. It’s funny that every time I made a mistake, I would sit there and talk to GOD. Not just mumble, but have a conversation with HIM. I remember when I was in jail for a DUI and I literally knelt down and prayed, and asked GOD “what am I doing wrong? Why am I in here? Why do I keep screwing up?” And the day I finally listened to HIM speak back to me, I got help. GOD was telling me I couldn’t do this on my own. I sought help and the rest is history.

If you could have done something different in your life, what would it be? I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. I’ve regretted things I did in the past but those particular things made me stronger. There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t have regrets and many of us would love to change the past. You can’t. But you change your future. Redemption!!!

Hey Kurt, if WWE decides to release “Kurt Angle’s Greatest Matches DVD” and they gave you Top 5 Options, which matches would that be and why? Are you serious? I don’t want to toot my own horn but that’s impossible. In the short time I was there, I accrued more 4-5 star matches than anyone else. But I will try. Here we go. 1- Royal Rumble 2003 Chris Benoit. 2- 2005 WM21 Shawn Michaels. 3- 2006 No Way Out Undertaker. 4 – 2001 King of the Ring Shane McMahon 5- 2003or4 Smackdown 1 hour ironman match Brock Lesnar. I know, I know, where’s Eddie, where’s Edge or Jericho or Cena??? You wanted my top 5? There you go. Lol

Hey Kurt, I’m 12 years old and I’ve wanted to be a pro wrestler since I was 6 and I just wanted to say that hopefully when I am a pro wrestler that I well get to step in side a wrestling ring with you idc if it’s tna or wwe but hopefully I’ll get to meet you one day. I hope so. But I’m getting up there in age. So hurry!!!!!!!!

Hey Kurt, my question to you is did you ever had a storyline that looked good on paper but ended up being the dumps or in general had to say no to certain storylines because of various reasons? I absolutely loved wrestling Booker T but the storyline of me stalking his wife Sharmell made me very uncomfortable. And to add on to that, the referee that was reffing our 2nd match counted the wrong finish. So all that build up was gone in that split second because there wasn’t a rubber match (a 3rd match to declare the winner after the 1st 2 matches were split 1-1).

Hey Kurt! I was always wondering about that statement with you and Brock Lesnar , about that Olympic caliber record of 300 push ups , could you really do them? P.S you are my Olympic Hero! Me personally? No. The most I ever did was 150. But Brock? He’s a beast. I think he could. Brock is a rare breed.

What was your most embarrassing moment during your time in either WWE or TNA? When I won my first title against the Rock, I celebrated like I just won the Gold Medal. And when the camera did a close up of me, I had a huge booger coming out of my nose. THAT was embarrassing.

What advice can you give to young generation about reaching their dreams and goals especially there are a lot of hardships and obstacles in front of them, Thank you Mr. Angle  Winning Gold and these World Heavyweight titles wasn’t easy. They weren’t handed over to me. I had to prove myself. A lot of times we allow our children the option of quitting when things aren’t going well. The crazy thing is,when your child quits, it makes it easier for the others to grab that brass ring. And on many occasions the child that “wins” isn’t necessarily more talented than your child. It’s called hard work and confidence. We are all ordinary. The ones who become extraordinary are the ones who DONT quit. And remember this- if you don’t do it, somebody else will. So why can’t you be the one who is the CHAMPION. So it’s up to the parents to mold your child. Not the children molding themselves. When I was a kid, I had a tremendous father. But if I quit, he would whoop me so hard. That’s how it was. You can’t do that anymore but you CAN take priveledges away if they quit. Or reward them when they stick with it and see it through. Mold your child so he/she becomes a winner and someone who never gives up. This world would be so much better. It’s true


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