Facebook Fan Q & A 8/17

How is your health going? Are you going to come back in wrestling soon?  My health is progressing. I should be back in the ring by October.

Kurt, was there ever a great prank played by you/on you by another wrestler and if so what was it? Yes. Road Dogg once pulled my singlet down to my ankles when I walked out to wrestle one night. I was wearing a jock strap. I immediately changed to briefs the next evening.

Hey, Kurt, what is your favorite book to read? Also, what’s your favorite band? Mike Tyson “Fire and Fear” because I was obsessed with Mike’s dominance in boxing. His story is pretty inspirational. He made some mistakes, as we all do. My fave band is Casting Crowns or Crowder. Love me some Christian music. Fuels my soul.

Who was your favourite diva in the WWE Roster?  It’s tough to pick one. I admired Sable and Jackie Moore for their impact in the 90’s. I love Trisha, Gail Kim, Lita and Mickie James…incredible wrestlers. But, you have to throw Chyna in there for her desire to go with the big boys. They’re all great in their own way. The Bellas have done well and Paige is great. I can’t pick one, that would be crazy.

Kurt, what is your favorite historical moment in wrestling? Seriously? The 1996 Olympics and 1995 World Championships. I won gold at both. Nothing will compare…nothing my friend!

Did you ever contemplate going out for the Olympics 4 years after 1996?  No, I didn’t. I was committed to the WWE and loved it every bit as much. My desire to wrestle in the Olympics again came relatively too late in 2012 when the training was too difficult on my body. I was 42. I don’t regret not going back, I’ve enjoyed wrestling in WWE and TNA too much to regret it.

What’s the secret to perfecting the German/belly to belly suplexes? Yours are flawless.  Arching your back and timing the throw. It can be the best move in wrestling or the most dangerous move.  You do not want the latter or it will be outlawed when you continuously throw your opponent on his head.

I just got done reading your book for the 5th time. Will there ever be a movie about your life story? There could be perhaps. Most likely a documentary, but my story will be told. Thanks for reading my book!

As a parent, how do you encourage your children to stay active? Would you encourage them into sport professionally or family friendly sports like cycling, fishing or football(soccer)?  There is nothing better than competitive sports. You learn about success and failure quickly. As long as you support your child in a positive way, he/she will drastically improve. Even if they’re not Champions, they learn so much about life and the real world, through sports.

What’s your favorite dinosaur?  Barney. Lol

As a fellow Clarion graduate, what were some of your favorite things from Clarion?  Being a Clarion Graduate, I loved the support from the students and the town. In my day, we would pack Tippin Gym with 4-5000 fans during a wrestling match…that’s unheard of today. We need that support again. It starts with the athletic department accessing more scholarships for the wrestlers. Wake up Clarion U!!! Your wrestling program is the best thing you had. Pennsylvania is the Mecca of amateur wrestling. You want another Kurt Angle? Then fund the wrestling team so they can be a national powerhouse like they were in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It’s damn true!!!!


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