Furthering your education these days is expensive, but is it worth it? That’s a difficult question.

Getting an education is not only important but necessary. If you want a job in this day and age, the applicants with degrees or specialized education are going to be chosen above the rest. Colleges are not the only option, trade schools are a great way to continue your education.

Many millionaires do not have a college degree, however, they didn’t have many options. Whatever idea that they had that made them a millionaire was a “must do it or go broke” situation, which is fine, if you’re a dreamer. There is nothing wrong with that if you have exceptional ideas.

We can all dream big, and swing for the fence with dreams of being rich or famous, but don’t you think having a solid back up plan would be smart? I definitely do. I’m glad I got my college education, even if I never do anything with it. It shows others the hard work and dedication I had, to be a student and an athlete. When you further your education, you can’t go wrong, you will always be picked over other applicants when applying for a job.

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, think about your children’s futures and what you can share with them, because your children will most likely follow in your footsteps of getting a higher education.

No matter what your dreams are, and I hope that you all dream big, having an education will only help. So my advice to those who are debating on going to school or not; go to school. Don’t hesitate, you only have one life, make it count! Your dreams will only get bigger and better, I promise.


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