Can your dreams become reality?

3 Rules in Life- Kurt Angle Official BlogWe all have dreams in life. Some of us never realize our biggest dreams, but I believe that’s because our dreams are so perfectly sketched in our minds and we play it out in our heads to be nothing short of perfection. Or, our dreams are not really ours, having dreams of accomplishing something that someone else has attained. Reach for the stars, but don’t forget to keep your dream realistic and your own.

If you never try to reach your dreams because of fear, you’ll never know if they would have come true. Life will always be unpredictable sometimes will throw you curveballs. The best way to make your dreams come true is by knowing when to fight it, or when to roll with it, adapting to every circumstance thrown at you.

If you are not open to new manifestations of your dream, then your dream will fail. Don’t lose the self-confidence to see it through, but remember, our dreams change as we change, so don’t resist or you may miss out on other possibilities. Sometimes life takes us to another place, a place we didn’t expect to go, but we did. We have to let go of our original plan and surrender to the possibilities of whatever our dream will become for us. For instance your dream could have been to be a doctor, but because of circumstances, you became a teacher. Is that so bad? You’re helping others by teaching them and that’s pretty damn good. Maybe you’re better at that…maybe that is your purpose.

Hold on to your dreams, but be ready for anything that comes your way. Stick with it and know that one day you may realize that your dream wasn’t really yours, wasn’t perfect, or maybe wasn’t meant to be the way that you expected.

But your dream is real. It’s damn real.


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