Be Positive!

Be Positive-Kurt Angle Official BlogSometimes we see celebrities on TV or in social media and think “their lives seem so perfect”. The truth is, they have problems much like all of us (as reality television and the checkout aisle at the grocery store will prove…lol).

Whether you believe that they have perfect lives, or even the celebrities themselves want to believe that, the truth is that we ALL have issues to deal with. Some of us will post about those problems on social media or expose them for all to see on TV, but most won’t. I LIKE the fact that most things posted online are positive. To me, it shows that our hearts are in the right place.

I’m sure that you’ve had a time or two when you were in a good mood and then saw a negative post on social media that turned your mood around for the worse. The opposite works the same way!

So even if things seem dim in your life at the moment, post something positive anyway! It will make you and everyone that sees it feel much better.

Feeling down right now? STOP IT…..SMILE and take a selfie!!!

It’s true!


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