Are you a real Pro Wrestling fan?

HardyvsHeelsTo those who have a passion for pro wrestling, I ask this: Are you a “real” fan? So many of us are WWE fans, and are fans of Cena, HHH, Orton, Rollins, Reigns, Cesaro, Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Rusev, to name a few in WWE.

There’s nothing wrong with being a WWE fan. It’s a tremendous product and the undisputed leader of its category, but what about the other companies? Impact Wrestling, NJPW, Lucha Underground, ROH, GFW…these are legit surviving companies that produce talented wrestlers, but to survive they need support from the “real” fans. If you’ve never watched them, you are missing out on some really great talent, like EC3, Spud, Roode, Eric Young, Storm, Bram, Abyss, Bully Ray, AJ Styles, Briscoe, Lethal, Mysterio, Del Rio, Tanahashi and Nakamura–and many more.

Today, this business has some of the greatest talents wrestling has ever seen, and if there was just WWE, we would miss out on witnessing so many other great wrestlers. Which company you watch is your choice as a fan, and regardless of which product you choose, being a wrestling fan is about enjoying the passion the talents bring to you each week. If you’re a “real” wrestling fan, tune in to see some of the talents you may not have seen yet, and it just may change your mind about watching only one product. Help pro wrestling survive. Be a “universal” fan, and you just might like it.


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