#Anglestrong and “The Team”

#AngleStrong App Coming SoonAs you have already heard, #Anglestrong is being released on January 1, 2017. We have teamed up with two other groups involved in helping people who are in recovery from addiction.

Part of our team are the creators of Levare, a natural supplement that works extremely well for pain relief and will be a leader in replacing opiates. Many pro athletes are using this fabulous supplement, including myself. We have also asked the creators of Advyndra to join the #Anglestrong team. Advyndra is an incredible supplement that improves mental clarity and reduces stress so you can focus on your daily regimen. We only support the supplements that really work, and these two are fabulous. Look for Levare and Advyndra when the #Anglestrong App releases next month.

The #AS App will keep you in recovery by checking in with you every day and helping you to follow our program. Be sure to sign up on the #AS App in January, and to share it with anyone who might be struggling with addiction. Family members of recovering addicts are encouraged to join the #AS APP to be a lifeline for the recovering addict. If he or she does not check in daily, his/her family members will be notified that patient hasn’t done so. This will help to keep ALL eyes on the recovery process. I am proud and excited to get started in our quest to “crush” the addiction epidemic. #AngleStrong! We will win!!!!! It’s true!

For more information, visit AngleStrong.com