Preparation Breeds Confidence

Preparation Breeds Confidence- Kurt Angle Official BlogDo you ever visualize accomplishing something great? Are you confident enough to achieve it?

I used to have dreams as a child that I’d stand on that Olympic podium and receive a gold medal. It was nothing but a dream, but it was MY dream. I always thought I’d accomplish something great. And I never limited myself to just one thing. I knew a high school and college education would help me accomplish more in my life than anything else. An education (or learning how to prepare myself for tests/studying) would help me to have an incredible work ethic on the wrestling mat as well.

I wasn’t the biggest, strongest or fastest competitor in the Olympics. But I WAS the most prepared. Preparation enables you to be ready for anything. It breeds confidence. I knew I could accomplish anything because both my mind and body were ready for the world. I take pride in being confident and over-prepared. It’s my greatest asset. So if you lack confidence, work on it. It doesn’t come overnight. It sometimes takes months or even years to be a well-prepared individual, but it’s worth it. Equip yourself to be prepared for anything. You won’t regret it. It’s true.