Instagram Q&A with Kurt – April 20, 2018

Q: What are some important tips you could give to someone whose trying to build a good physique at the gym?

A: Diet is most important. You can train harder than anyone but if your diet is bad, you won’t get the results you want. Hi protein. Low carbs and fat.

Q: Would you or do you ever do yoga?

A: I started yoga two years ago. It has helped me stay healthy and limber. I’ve been a big believer in stretching your body and strengthening your core. Yoga does that.

Q: You’re more social than most, do you think the good guys on TV have a duty to be that in real life?

A: We ALL have a duty to be cordial to our fans. If you’re not, then you’re in the wrong business.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do as the RAW General Manager?

A: Wrestle. I get the chance every so often, but not as much as I’d like to. But being GM is fun too. I get to converse with ALL the talent.

Q: Who was your favorite person in the ring to work with and how did that person has impacted your career?

A: It’s tough to say. I enjoyed HHH, Rock, Austin, Lesnar, Jericho, Edge, Eddie and Michaels. But my best chemistry was with Benoit.

Q: When you were in high school, did you have a favorite move?

A: I was an agile wrestler, so I attacked quite often. Duck unders were my best.

Q: I was wondering what is it like on a normal day at WWE? Is it just practicing intros before the arenas get packed with the WWE fans?

A: No. We don’t rehearse much. It would take the fun out of going live on the show, but we talk about things we would like to do or say. We also talk to media and do promotions and autograph signings.

Q: What advice and/or inspiration did you gather from Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero?

A: I learned to slow down…be in the moment…let things stew a bit. Benoit and Eddie were 2 of the best.

Q: You’re viewed in many different lights by wrestling fans depending upon what period of wrestling they grew up watching – a cowardly attitude era heel, a technical/submission machine, a milk swilling all-American hero, a cowboy hat wearing goofball, or an anti-authority authority figure. When the time comes for you to hang up your boots and / or blazer for good, what would you MOST like people to consider your legacy in the wrestling world to be?

A: It’s tough. I enjoyed being a goof ball at the beginning. It worked because the fans hated it. Then, they started to appreciate the comedy, the things I’d say or things I’d do. Fans remember these moments forever. But the wrestling machine was really fun. At one point I was the very best. I enjoyed putting on these amazing matches. I’ve been blessed to have different characters that really worked.

Q: Who do you think is the greatest and most influential superstar of all time in the entire WWF/WWE?

A: Eddie, Flair, Michaels, Hart, HHH. but if you’re talking popularity, Hogan, Austin, Rock, Cena. I can’t pick one.