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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions-Kurt Angle BlogI went to the gym today and it was extremely packed. I couldn’t find a treadmill that was available. Annoying!!!

We all make some sort of resolutions that we desire to achieve, especially for the New Year. Most of us want to look better and 95% of us will make a commitment to being more fit in 2017. But, why do most of us stop after a few weeks? Is it because our motivation runs out quickly? Is it because we are too busy? Or do we quit because it is too difficult?

Statistics say that 90% of us will give up on our New Years resolutions. Maybe because resolutions are “temporary”. Three things that drive one to be better. Motivation, inspiration, and aspiration. Who or what motivates you? Who or what inspires you? What do you aspire to achieve for yourself?

The most powerful of the 3? Aspiration. Because it’s more long term. Forget motivation and inspiration!!! They’ll wear out quickly. But when you aspire to be something better than who you are right now, it’s more long term. So if you aspire to look better than you do right now, set a long term goal that you want to attain, and stick with it. If you slip a little, it’s ok. Jump right back at it as quickly as you can. I promise your “aspirations” will be more attainable. To the others that decide to give up? That’s ok. Because that means when I go to the gym, all of the fitness equipment will be available for me whenever I choose to use it. 😃 more for me! 😃😃😃 it’s damn true!!!!

Give Maturity a Shot

Maturity-Kurt Angle Official BlogI proudly graduated high school and made my way to college back in 1988. I was driven to get a college degree, but it wasn’t my priority at the time. Wrestling was.

Wrestling enabled me to not only go to college but to graduate with a degree. But because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I didn’t get the degree I truly wanted. My degree in geography/education was great, but I didn’t really want to be a teacher. At the time, my focus was on winning the Olympics. I received good grades, but now, I realize that if my mind hadn’t been so focused on wrestling, I could have easily gotten straight As.

Maybe if I had gone to college just 4 years later than I did, I would have earned straight As and gone on to become a doctor or lawyer. Maturity plays a part in knowing what you want to do in your life and how well you do in school.

My advice to young people who are planning to go to college would be to wait. Get a job first. See the world. Or even serve your country for 2-4 years. Mature a little. There might be other life commitments to consider, such as getting married and/or having children. Or maybe you have a job flipping burgers that leads to a management position you feel like you should take. Or you have served our country in the military and decide you want to continue. These are all commendable things, but here’s my suggestion. Make an agreement with yourself that you will get a job after high school and see a little bit of the world and meet people. Then after a few years, apply to college. I can almost guarantee that you will get much, much better grades. And you will have a clearer mind about what you want to become. Because the last thing you want to do is settle.

If you can’t afford college and can’t get a scholarship, or don’t have the grades that will get you into college in the first place, consider going to a trade school. But above all, strive to do something you truly want to do with your life. These are just suggestions, but I promise you that you won’t regret it. Oh, it’s true!

#Anglestrong and “The Team”

#AngleStrong App Coming SoonAs you have already heard, #Anglestrong is being released on January 1, 2017. We have teamed up with two other groups involved in helping people who are in recovery from addiction.

Part of our team are the creators of Levare, a natural supplement that works extremely well for pain relief and will be a leader in replacing opiates. Many pro athletes are using this fabulous supplement, including myself. We have also asked the creators of Advyndra to join the #Anglestrong team. Advyndra is an incredible supplement that improves mental clarity and reduces stress so you can focus on your daily regimen. We only support the supplements that really work, and these two are fabulous. Look for Levare and Advyndra when the #Anglestrong App releases next month.

The #AS App will keep you in recovery by checking in with you every day and helping you to follow our program. Be sure to sign up on the #AS App in January, and to share it with anyone who might be struggling with addiction. Family members of recovering addicts are encouraged to join the #AS APP to be a lifeline for the recovering addict. If he or she does not check in daily, his/her family members will be notified that patient hasn’t done so. This will help to keep ALL eyes on the recovery process. I am proud and excited to get started in our quest to “crush” the addiction epidemic. #AngleStrong! We will win!!!!! It’s true!

For more information, visit

Angle Strong Press Release

AngleStrong appWrestling Legend and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle Partners with Sober Network Inc. to Create New Recovery Management Mobile App AngleStrong

Sober Network Inc., the leading provider of innovative digital solutions and award-winning
mobile apps which address the multiple and varying needs of the addiction and recovery
industry, partners with Professional Wrestler and 13-time World Champion Kurt Angle to
develop his AngleStrong recovery management app. Angle has been clean and sober for more
than three years after battling opioid abuse and tragically lost his sister to a heroin overdose.

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 12, 2016 – Sober Network Inc. announced today that they have partnered with wrestling legend and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle to develop and launch his “AngleStrong” addiction recovery management app. AngleStrong, powered by Sober Network Inc.’s FlexDek platform, will focus on helping addicts stay in recovery. AngleStrong will cost users $1 per day.

“I’m excited to partner with Dr. Harold Jonas at Sober Network Inc. to launch the AngleStrong app to help recovering addicts stay in recovery,” said Kurt Angle. “The hardest part for recovering addicts is when you get out of rehab, it’s really hard not to relapse. To help reduce relapse AngleStrong’s features will provide people in recovery with access to check-ins, lifelines, reminders, direct support, more information, a personal calendar, custom profile, positive supportive messages and a monthly video conference call with me. I truly believe the AngleStrong app is going to save lives.”

FlexDek, the platform AngleStrong will be built on, is an adaptable platform designed to accommodate the development of mobile apps targeting medical, behavioral and physical diagnoses. Apps designed using FlexDek have a similar goal – to increase patient compliance with identified protocols and work to reduce relapse that often requires re-hospitalization. The FlexDek platform achieves this by offering simple yet comprehensive resources for users on their mobile phone, such as surveys, reports, goals and communication tools. Multiple services are integrated into one easy-to-use system, meeting the needs of various populations at most educational levels. As an added benefit, the FlexDek platform can be personalized to provide information and support that will be most beneficial to a user, allowing them to effectively manage their health and change unwanted and harmful behaviors.

Sober Network Inc. continues to be the premier provider of innovative digital solutions and award-winning mobile apps for the addiction and recovery industry. This year the company won first place in a nationwide Opioid Recovery App Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Visit for more information about Sober Network Inc.

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Tel. 786-290-6413

#AngleStrong App Coming Soon

#AngleStrong App Coming SoonWe’ve all heard about the epidemic of opiates and alcohol in the US. In fact, it’s getting worse every year. Many talk about it, but who will do something about it? I will! My name is Kurt Angle and I’m a recovering addict of 3 1/2 years. I’ve decided to be the one that makes a difference in this awful disease.

Starting in Jan 2017, my #Anglestrong App will be released to the public. It’s an App/Program like no other. #AngleStrong can assist addicts and recovering addicts to stay in recovery. If you are an addict, the #AS App will be your lifeline. We will send you positive messages daily, you will check in each day to show your loyalty to your recovery, and if you’re in distress, we will aid you to stay in recovery or get you back in recovery if you relapse. The app will also recommend NA/AA Meetings close to you and recommend the best possible rehab facility that fits your needs. In addition, I will have a monthly skype call with all of my members of #AS to help you continue your journey in recovery.

If you’re an addict, recovering addict, or you know someone who is struggling, PLEASE encourage them to stay clean by joining #AS. “We are addicts, but we will win, it’s TRUE!”


Preparation Breeds Confidence

Preparation Breeds Confidence- Kurt Angle Official BlogDo you ever visualize accomplishing something great? Are you confident enough to achieve it?

I used to have dreams as a child that I’d stand on that Olympic podium and receive a gold medal. It was nothing but a dream, but it was MY dream. I always thought I’d accomplish something great. And I never limited myself to just one thing. I knew a high school and college education would help me accomplish more in my life than anything else. An education (or learning how to prepare myself for tests/studying) would help me to have an incredible work ethic on the wrestling mat as well.

I wasn’t the biggest, strongest or fastest competitor in the Olympics. But I WAS the most prepared. Preparation enables you to be ready for anything. It breeds confidence. I knew I could accomplish anything because both my mind and body were ready for the world. I take pride in being confident and over-prepared. It’s my greatest asset. So if you lack confidence, work on it. It doesn’t come overnight. It sometimes takes months or even years to be a well-prepared individual, but it’s worth it. Equip yourself to be prepared for anything. You won’t regret it. It’s true.

New Prez

Our Prez- Kurt Angle Official BlogAs you all know, America witnessed a historical election this past week. Some are happy, and some are not. President Obama will be exiting the White House after 8 years of faithful service. Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn.

This election has been a difficult for us. Neither candidate was favorable for many of us voters, but the people have spoken and it’s time for Donald Trump to put up or shut up. I was torn about who to vote for, but now that Trump is the victor, it’s time we stand behind him and give him a chance. Inexperience is a concern for all of us, so it’s up to others (VP, Congress, Senate) to assist Donald Trump in his reign as President of the US. The politicians need to come together as one and unify this country. And whether or not you like Donald Trump, we ALL need to come together and make this country as great as we know it to be.

It’s a scary time in the world, so we all need to stick together. This is OUR country, and we need to remember that regardless of whether the President is a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we need to unify behind him.

We are all anxious to see how this plays out. So please, citizens, come together and support our president-to-be. And thank you President Obama for your service. Whether we agree on his positions for our country or not, he put his heart and soul into being our leader. It’s time to come together and continue to make America one of the greatest countries on this planet. It’s true.


Family- Kurt Angle Official BlogMost folks now know that I’m a proud father of my 5th child, Nikoletta, born on Saturday, November 5, at 6:16 pm. She was 9 pounds 1 ounce. It’s Baby #5 and most likely my last child (my wife said noooo more). We will see. LOL.

As I look back at the births of Kyra, Kody, Giulia’na and Sophia, I realize how Blessed I am. Each one of them is VERY special in so many different ways. I can’t imagine my life without them. And even though I only get to see Kyra and Kody every 2-3 months, I love them every bit as much as my other 3 children. My only regret is that I was hardly ever home when Kyra and Kody were little ones. I was ALWAYS on the road wrestling for my tremendous fans. But I realize I can’t change my past. I can only control what’s in front of me now.

That’s exactly how I handle my recovery from alcohol and prescription drugs. One day at a time. Stay clean today and only focus on that. Today!!!! My recovery has actually helped me to live my whole life that way. I only focus on the time I have “right now” with my wife and 5 children. It makes things less complicated and a lot more meaningful.

My family wasn’t always my first priority. I used to put my family on the back burner, understanding that my career was more important. It’s not. Did my career keep me focused on what’s important? No. Did it keep me clean from alcohol and drugs? No. My family saved my life. I realized that I couldn’t stay in recovery focusing only on my career. But staying clean for my wife and kids made it a lot easier for me. A REAL man is responsible for taking care of his own, being there for his family on every level: mentally, spiritually and physically…. to provide for, teach, support and Love all of his children and his better half.

The more children I’ve had, the more mature I have become. I “grew up” and I understood that what I was doing was “childish” (using alcohol and drugs). I know I can’t keep having children (I’m approaching 48 years old), but the kids I have will keep me extremely busy and motivated. Family can make you feel like a king, and at the same time it can humble you and keep you grounded. THAT is exactly what I needed in my life. So if you’re expecting a child or you already have children, remember how important it is to Love them and bond with them. Without Love, you have nothing. It’s the most powerful thing on the planet. So Love your family (that includes your parents and other relatives) with everything you have. Life is short. Make it count by showing what is truly important. Family. It’s true!

My Kind Of Girl

My Kind of Girl-Kurt Angle Official BlogI was sitting here thinking of what to write about this week and then it hit me. I mean that literally. My wife hit me on the arm and said, “Come with me!” I asked where we were going and she said, “Shut up and follow me.” I said, “Ah, okay!”

My beautiful wife, who is 9 months pregnant and literally going to have the baby any day, wants to get her fall cleaning done right now. She has been up since 7 a.m. and moving nonstop. I witnessed her scrubbing the bathroom floors this morning, cleaning out closets, washing all of the windows, and moving summer clothes into the attic. This woman never slows down, even when she is pregnant. The only thing I can say is thank GOD she has an incredible work ethic. Wy wife claims it’s because she’s half Mexican, which sounds racist, but she’s very proud of her heritage.

Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself for all of the aches and pains I have, I look at her and I realize I have it fairly easy. My Giovanna has been part of my life for 8 years. And although I’ve accomplished less in that time, in terms of personal achievements, they have been the best 8 years of my life. There is nothing more beautiful and sexy than a woman that knows exactly what to do every day of her life.

My Giovanna is always working toward accomplishing something. Whether it’s cleaning the house, taking the kids to school, going grocery shopping, taking all of us to our doctor appointments or taking the kids to their dance/sports events, my wife is ALWAYS focused on our family. She’s a machine. And watching her makes me want to accomplish more in my life.

Now that the baby is coming any minute, I’m going to have to step up. The “Boss” will be out of commission for a few days, and it will be up to me to help her out. Her confidence in me is more than enough to make me believe I can take care of the family while she’s down and out. She just looks at me and says, “You’ve got this. I trust you”. When your spouse is your greatest source of strength on this planet, anything is possible. I’m a better man because of her.

So Giovanna, thank you for everything. For baby #5, for being a wonderful mom to our 4 other children and for being the backbone of this family. It will never go unnoticed. I love you.

Number 5

#lovemykids-Kurt Angle Official BlogI’ve been very blessed to have 4 wonderful kids. They each have their own style and personality. Kyra, Kody, Giulia’na and Sophia have changed my life for the better in many ways.
My beautiful wife Giovanna and I are expecting baby #5 next month. Being a dad is very challenging, but I’m no longer nervous about bringing another child in this world. I’m actually excited about it. My children have learned so much from me, and I’ve learned just as much from them. I’ve learned what it means to be a father. I’ve also learned patience (You gotta have patience with the little ones). But the most important thing I’ve learned is how to Love my children the way they Love me. They’re dependent on me and I’m dependent on them. They’re my drug of choice now. They give me the strength to do things I might have quit on if I didn’t have them in my life.
Now that Baby #5 is coming, I’m a little smarter, a little more patient and a little more responsible. Having kids is very rewarding, but it also takes strength to make sure you give them nothing but the best Love, wisdom and advice. With baby #5, I’m a little better of a father because I have learned from mistakes I made with my older kids. I try not to feel guilty about past mistakes but focus on being the best father I can be, especially with the new one coming.
For the first time, my wife and I haven’t found out the sex of the baby. We thought our last child would be celebrated by not knowing the sex until the baby is born. It’s killing me not to know, but I will enjoy the surprise that’s in store for me. So with baby #5, I promise to be a better father for him/her, and a better father for the other 4. Because…. They ARE my life. It’s damn true.