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The Difference Between Wanting and Doing

wanting-doingYou can want something really badly, you can think about it all day long, or even dream about it; but it will never be yours unless you do something about it.

The difference between WANTING and DOING is that one is a dream and the other is TAKING ACTION.

If you really want something, you have to work hard for it. Do everything you can to make it a reality.

Think about what you want in this life and do whatever you can to make it yours by: setting goals, working hard to achieve them, owning your mistakes, and never being afraid to ask for help along the way. You will see the things that seemed impossible to achieve will be yours for the taking.

Actions speak louder than words. So don’t just talk about doing it, do it. It’s not easy, but it’s attainable. Anything is Possible! #makeithappen


FOCUS on your goals-Kurt AngleMany of us want to find success quickly. We think the faster we get it, the better; like hoping that we’ll win the lottery, so we’re set money-wise for life. The fast way is not realistic, and it rarely happens.

Focusing on one goal and seeing it through is necessary for success. It may take longer to achieve your goal, but with focus, the chance of success is a lot greater than any “quick and easy” approach. Focusing on your goal is about visualizing it occurring right in front of you, seeing it materialize, and then, taking the necessary steps mentally and physically to get there.

Stay focused on your goal and don’t give up! There will be hills to climb and valleys to fall into, but the harder you push, the closer you will be to attaining it.

Consistent focus is a must. In my goal to win the gold, I focused myself by training 10 hours a day for 10 years. I studied video and surrounded myself with people who wanted the same thing as I did. My focus allowed me to reach my goal and win my gold medal!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, a student, or working toward a personal or professional goal, you must focus 100% and give everything you have to get there. If you don’t do it, someone else will. Have a positive attitude, know that failure comes with success, and stay focused to achieve your goal and become the best person you can be.

Letter from a fan

Mr Angle, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 10 years old. I watched you, the Rock, Stone Cold and HHH with my father every single week. Because of your amazing entertainment, my relationship with my father was so strong. Unfortunately he passed away 2 years ago. I am now a father of 2 boys, and we continue to watch you every single week. They are huge fans of yours. We sit together and watch you wrestle to this day. You have brought us closer together as a family. I can’t thank you enough for what you do for us. Could you please sign these 2 photos for my 2 little boys. They will Love having your autograph to post on their walls. Thank you for the years of entertainment.

Always grateful, James.

James, thank you for allowing me to entertain you. That’s what I live for. I’m honored to be someone that brings you all closer together.

GOD Bless, Kurt Angle

Can your dreams become reality?

3 Rules in Life- Kurt Angle Official BlogWe all have dreams in life. Some of us never realize our biggest dreams, but I believe that’s because our dreams are so perfectly sketched in our minds and we play it out in our heads to be nothing short of perfection. Or, our dreams are not really ours, having dreams of accomplishing something that someone else has attained. Reach for the stars, but don’t forget to keep your dream realistic and your own.

If you never try to reach your dreams because of fear, you’ll never know if they would have come true. Life will always be unpredictable sometimes will throw you curve balls. The best way to make your dreams come true is by knowing when to fight it, or when to roll with it, adapting to every circumstance thrown at you.

If you are not open to new manifestations of your dream, then your dream will fail. Don’t lose the self confidence to see it through, but remember, our dreams change as we change, so don’t resist or you may miss out on other possibilities. Sometimes life takes us to another place, a place we didn’t expect to go, but we did. We have to let go of our original plan and surrender to the possibilities of whatever our dream will become for us. For instance your dream could have been to be a doctor, but because of circumstances, you became a teacher. Is that so bad? You’re helping others by teaching them and that’s pretty damn good. Maybe you’re better at that…maybe that is your purpose.

Hold on to your dreams, but be ready for anything that comes your way. Stick with it and know that one day you may realize that your dream wasn’t really yours, wasn’t perfect, or maybe wasn’t meant to be the way that you expected.

But your dream is real. It’s damn real.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Surround yourself with positivityWhether it be in the classroom, on the playing field, or in your career, getting positive feedback raises you to the next level. If you want to be the best, flock with the best- even if they’re better than you. When you surround yourself with positive people, it will only make you better. Negative people will only bring you down.

I always wrestled athletes that were older and better, and I got my ass kicked many times, but it took me to another level every time I did it. When I studied in college, I did it with the “smarter students” and my grades improved. I was never afraid of being 2nd best to the others. Because I was unafraid, I became the best, both in wrestling and in my studies.

You will harbor what you witness…in other words, when others around you succeed, you will too. It may take some time but it’s worth it. Whatever career you have, put in the proper time to get better and surround yourself with those you want to be like. Who knows, you may even exceed the success of the ones you surround yourself with. And that is…. “Awesome”


Wisdom- Kurt Angle Official BlogKnowledge and Wisdom come from experience, you can’t learn it or read it from a book, at least not all of the time.

Wisdom is gained by making mistakes, sometimes over and over again, and learning from those mistakes. You can be smart and have little wisdom. If you memorize everything, that could suggest that you’re smart, but wisdom comes from taking chances in your life. If you don’t take the leap of faith and miss those opportunities, then you will not learn from the mistakes you might make.

I’ve never been afraid of making mistakes, perhaps I’ve made too many, but it has made me a better person and much more knowledgeable. That doesn’t mean you throw all your eggs in one basket and “hope” that it pans out for you, take baby steps and work on what you want to accomplish…build on it…then work on it again. The wisdom and confidence you gain will take you to levels you never thought you could reach. You don’t have to be “smart” to harbor wisdom, keep progressing forward and set your sights on what you want to accomplish, and you will accomplish it. Maybe now, maybe not now, but eventually.

Being Content

Being Content- Kurt Angle Official BlogBeing content is not so bad, when you’re content, you feel like you’ve done some good things.

But, do you want to be good, or do you want to be great?

There’s a huge difference between good and great. Good can be a word to describe being average, or at times, above average. But, great describes what is exceptional.

My college coach once told me, “Be happy with yourself, but never satisfied”.

I’ve always wanted to be exceptional and, at times, I was. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to be the very best I can be; is that a good decision or a bad one?

For me personally, I believe that depends on what you want to accomplish in your life. Aiming high and reaching for the stars will bring you more happiness and success than doing just what you need to do to get by. Sometimes, when you’re just content with being good or average, you have a tendency to get lazy. If you have a special talent or gift that you don’t refine or perfect because you are content where you are, it gets harder to do that later when you look back and wished that you had accomplished more with your life.

So aim high and go for the GOLD! But, even if you get silver or bronze, celebrate your accomplishment.  You stepped out of your comfort zone of contentment and used your talents and gifts to the best of your ability.


humilityHaving humility keeps your mind, heart and soul in check. “Having humility doesn’t mean you think less of yourself, It means that you think of yourself less.”

I’ve lived most of my life looking out for myself only. Putting myself 1st every chance I got. The more I felt this way, the further I pushed myself away from GOD and HIS purpose for me.

Sometimes we get trapped into looking out for #1, ourselves; not knowing that true peace and happiness comes from helping and serving others, even our own children. When we serve others, we then serve a bigger purpose in this world. Sometimes, we need to make decisions to benefit us, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as we know that those decisions won’t affect others around us in a negative way.

Stay humble and you will make GOD smile, among others.

Forgiveness and Acceptance

blog-forgivenessThis is a very tough subject. Do You understand forgiveness? Acceptance? I’ve always had a difficult time with this one.

“He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass.”

I learned about acceptance from an 82 year old woman with cancer…my Mother. We were discussing what she has been going through, and this is what she taught me.

The thing about messing up is that we all do it! So if you can’t forgive someone, how do you expect them to forgive you down the line? (And you know they will have to do that at some point.)

When you hold a grudge against someone, you may be hurting them, but in the long term, it hurts you even more. Not forgiving someone only harbors anger inside of you and when you can’t forgive, you hold that anger inside of you for the rest of your life. So who are you torturing…the one you can’t forgive, or yourself?

Forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you have to continue to have a relationship with that person, it’s about knowing you forgave and you “let it go”. Whether you “make up” with that individual or not, is up to you. Is that particular person worth it to you? Nonetheless, be sure you accept the circumstance and don’t look back. It’s worth it to yourself to let go of the anger because when you do this, others take notice. So, if GOD forbid you wrong somebody intentionally or unintentionally, others will see how you dealt with your prior circumstance and do the same to you. We all screw up! That’s human nature. Forgiving is not easy, but it will give you a much longer, happier life.

My Mother has been through so much and through it, she has learned this, forgiving many people and being forgiven. She is a very wise woman and the best person I know.

Are you doing your best?

1995 World Championship finals. Defeated World Champion Arawat Sabeev from Germany

1995 World Championship finals. Defeated World Champion Arawat Sabeev from Germany

“Being the best” and “doing your best” are entirely different. Sometimes, being the best doesn’t require doing your best, and for those who got it so easy that they can be the best with less effort, GOD bless you. For many of us, things don’t come that easily.

Things never came easily for me, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t improve quickly at what I did. I believe this, “what you put into it, you get out of it” and the more that you “do your very best”, the better chance you have at “being the very best”.  Doing your best helps you improve in many aspects and it makes you a better, stronger person.

Sometimes our peers expect us to be “the best”, that’s a lot of pressure and most of the time, can be almost impossible. But, as long as you know, inside your soul, that you gave “your best”, then you can’t ask for more than that from yourself and neither can anyone else ask more than that from you.

Regardless of whether you ever hold the title of being the best, you will always be a champion if you know you’ve done your best.