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Facebook Fan Q&A 12/3/15

Do you think today’s style of wrestling is responsible for so many neck injuries or do you think its just the strength of the wrestlers today? I know you guys are supposed to look after each other , it seems to happen often—–Neck injuries have always been an issue. Don’t forget wrestlers like Paul Orndorf or Dean Malenko or Arn Anderson. Taking bumps is so brutal on the body. Today’s reckless style does add to it. My advice to young wrestlers: “limit your bumps. You only have so many. Then your career is over”. Neck injuries are part of the sport unfortunately. I’ve been very blessed to bounce back from them. Most can not come back to what they were prior to the injury.

What is your all time favorite movie and why? I love inspirational movies and Christian movies. My fave has to be Rocky. Doesn’t get any more inspirational than that. And my theme music at the Olympic Games was the Rocky theme song. It felt great coming out to that music knowing I was the underdog.

Going to miss you wrestling, in time are you going to wrestle again?  My time is coming to an end, but not yet. My last matches with TNA are in January. I will miss wrestling there. So many great talents. I will take a little break and decide how I want to officially retire. Most likely in 2017.

Is it true that the Undertaker choked you out when you were messing with Vince?  Yes. And no. Taker choked me but not to the point of making me tap or pass out. It was more of a warning to “take care of the boss or I’m gonna choke you out”. Vince and I were going at it pretty hard and Taker wanted to make sure Vince was ok. Vince is crazy. He will fight Mike Tyson in a boxing match just to know what it feels like to get knocked out. Vince wanted to “try” the olympic gold medalist that night. Lol.

Describe the experience of working with the Hulkster. You hear stories of guys who politic in the biz and Hogan had that rep, but I didn’t see it. We wrestled. We had an incredible match. Hogan tapped out. We hugged and moved on. But make no mistake. I knew who I was in the ring with. The Hulkster!!!! He’s the biggest name in pro wrestling history. It was an honor to work with him.

When you had your King of the Ring match with Shane McMahon did you actually break your tailbone?  Yes. I had a concussion also. Don’t know when I got it. I wrestled 3 times that night. Each match got more exciting. Shane is a rare talent that wrestles occasionally but always seems to steal the show. We did that night as well.

How easy was it setting up your angle slam against bigger guys like Show or Henry compared to the smaller guys and did it put a strain on your neck?  Angle slamming Show or Henry was quite a chore. But those guys are phenomenal athletes for their size. They jumped for me a bit and took amazing bumps. Loved working with both of them.

Whats your thoughts on the current scene for Olympic wrestling?  How you would fit into today’s crop of Olympic wrestlers?  Thanks.  Things are different today, but they also remain the same. Take Dan Gable for instance. You don’t think he would still dominate today? Of course he would. He would adapt and conquer. I am no different. Wrestling will always be about athleticism, conditioning and technique. The rules change but in the end it remains the same.

What is your favorite Neil Diamond song?  You kidding? Coming to America. That’s my song. Everybody Loves Neil Diamond. Some won’t admit it. Lol.

What is your best memory wrestling at Clarion?  Tippin gym. The duel meets Clarion wrestling had there. 4000 people in that small gym. Those were the days!

What’s your favorite children’s movie to watch with your kids?  Let’s see…. Wreck it Ralph. Toy Story 1,2,3. Snow White. Tangled. Cinderella. Maleficent. But the one that rises above the others is…. Frozen. I love it more than they do!

Facebook Fan Q&A 11/11/15

Besides wrestling did you play other sports-baseball; basketball; football; hockey?  What was your favorite sport besides wrestling? The truth-were you any good at them? I played all of them. and was quite good- All state in football in high school. I felt it was important for me to play many sports, to expose myself to all of them until college. Then that’s when I got serious about one- wrestling, and look what I did. Lol

What does Veteran’s Day mean to you? How do you give thanks to the men and women who have served? It means sacrifice and being thankful for the brave soldiers and servicemen that put their lives in jeopardy for our freedom- there is absolutely nothing more brave than that!

Hi Kurt, safe trip to the UK.  I am looking forward to seeing you in person in Edinburgh. My question is what was the traveling schedule like with WWE especially the European tour when you entertained the WWE fans. I loved the Europe tours. The fans were hungry for our entertainment because we didn’t tour quite as often as in the states. The schedule is and was brutal, but worth it.

Did you ever have a beard?  Up yours Kevin. Lol. If you’re the “real” Kevin Nash.

How tired do you get when people ask about going back to WWE? Its apparent you have more family time now. Kudos for putting your family over being on the road 300+ days a year. I had to make a choice: WWE or family. I absolutely loved my stint in WWE and TNA but I want to be with my family. It’s more important.

Were you ever scared to wrestle any opponent? I’m always scared. Always! In Olympic style and pro wrestling. It keeps me at the top of my game.

Did you really sign with Bellator? If so when’s your first fight? Yes. I will be doing PR, appearances and commentating for Bellator. Will I fight? ……..Maybe. We will see how it goes.

What is your favourite vs Undertaker match you had? All of them. But No Way Out PPV 2006 was my favorite of all time. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It has to be one of the top 5 greatest matches ever-A culmination of everything good about wrestling.

Who is your best friend in TNA? I have many best friends. I adore the whole roster, but Lashley, Roode, Young and Abyss are my buddies… and the Hebners!

What’s your biggest fear? My biggest fear is not being the absolute best father to my children. You want them to grow up to be”better” than you are, in every aspect. I want them to be known as good, respectful, Christian human beings. That’s my wish! And I pray on it every day!

Facebook Fan Q&A 11/06/15

What is your favorite moment from your time with WWE and TNA? My fave moments in WWE and TNA were very special. In WWE it had to be my first title win against The Rock. It placed me at the very top of the company, and at that time there were many incredible stars. Austin, Rock, Taker, HHH, just to name a few. In TNA, it had to be my debut. The build up to it was intense and there wasn’t a person that thought I’d be the surprise signee of the company. TNA did a fabulous job of keeping it quiet- which is hard to do in wrestling.

Can you share a little about your faith. How that has shaped you through recent struggles and who influenced you? My faith has always been so important to me, but I lost track of it for several years. It’s funny that every time I made a mistake, I would sit there and talk to GOD. Not just mumble, but have a conversation with HIM. I remember when I was in jail for a DUI and I literally knelt down and prayed, and asked GOD “what am I doing wrong? Why am I in here? Why do I keep screwing up?” And the day I finally listened to HIM speak back to me, I got help. GOD was telling me I couldn’t do this on my own. I sought help and the rest is history.

If you could have done something different in your life, what would it be? I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. I’ve regretted things I did in the past but those particular things made me stronger. There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t have regrets and many of us would love to change the past. You can’t. But you change your future. Redemption!!!

Hey Kurt, if WWE decides to release “Kurt Angle’s Greatest Matches DVD” and they gave you Top 5 Options, which matches would that be and why? Are you serious? I don’t want to toot my own horn but that’s impossible. In the short time I was there, I accrued more 4-5 star matches than anyone else. But I will try. Here we go. 1- Royal Rumble 2003 Chris Benoit. 2- 2005 WM21 Shawn Michaels. 3- 2006 No Way Out Undertaker. 4 – 2001 King of the Ring Shane McMahon 5- 2003or4 Smackdown 1 hour ironman match Brock Lesnar. I know, I know, where’s Eddie, where’s Edge or Jericho or Cena??? You wanted my top 5? There you go. Lol

Hey Kurt, I’m 12 years old and I’ve wanted to be a pro wrestler since I was 6 and I just wanted to say that hopefully when I am a pro wrestler that I well get to step in side a wrestling ring with you idc if it’s tna or wwe but hopefully I’ll get to meet you one day. I hope so. But I’m getting up there in age. So hurry!!!!!!!!

Hey Kurt, my question to you is did you ever had a storyline that looked good on paper but ended up being the dumps or in general had to say no to certain storylines because of various reasons? I absolutely loved wrestling Booker T but the storyline of me stalking his wife Sharmell made me very uncomfortable. And to add on to that, the referee that was reffing our 2nd match counted the wrong finish. So all that build up was gone in that split second because there wasn’t a rubber match (a 3rd match to declare the winner after the 1st 2 matches were split 1-1).

Hey Kurt! I was always wondering about that statement with you and Brock Lesnar , about that Olympic caliber record of 300 push ups , could you really do them? P.S you are my Olympic Hero! Me personally? No. The most I ever did was 150. But Brock? He’s a beast. I think he could. Brock is a rare breed.

What was your most embarrassing moment during your time in either WWE or TNA? When I won my first title against the Rock, I celebrated like I just won the Gold Medal. And when the camera did a close up of me, I had a huge booger coming out of my nose. THAT was embarrassing.

What advice can you give to young generation about reaching their dreams and goals especially there are a lot of hardships and obstacles in front of them, Thank you Mr. Angle  Winning Gold and these World Heavyweight titles wasn’t easy. They weren’t handed over to me. I had to prove myself. A lot of times we allow our children the option of quitting when things aren’t going well. The crazy thing is,when your child quits, it makes it easier for the others to grab that brass ring. And on many occasions the child that “wins” isn’t necessarily more talented than your child. It’s called hard work and confidence. We are all ordinary. The ones who become extraordinary are the ones who DONT quit. And remember this- if you don’t do it, somebody else will. So why can’t you be the one who is the CHAMPION. So it’s up to the parents to mold your child. Not the children molding themselves. When I was a kid, I had a tremendous father. But if I quit, he would whoop me so hard. That’s how it was. You can’t do that anymore but you CAN take priveledges away if they quit. Or reward them when they stick with it and see it through. Mold your child so he/she becomes a winner and someone who never gives up. This world would be so much better. It’s true

Facebook Fan Q&A 10/28

I have a 10yr and 6yr old. They love to wrestle and the 6yr old is 2 time triple crown. What is your advice to keep them interested? I also coach for the little guys in our club- what is the best thing I can do to help the little guys stay interested? That’s truly Awesome. The best way to keep them interested is variety. That means allow your child to do other sports. Encourage them to. Wrestling is a physical and mentally demanding sport. Keep it fun by giving them variety. Having other sports in their lives helps. It helped me

Hey Kurt, my question is, if you had the chance to join WWE to finish your career who’d be the #1 guy in that locker room you’d want to feud with? I’d love to see Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar one more time.  Good question. Brock is a good one. So is Cena. But the young guys are really talented like Bryan or Rollins or Cesaro or even Rusev. Love watching them work. I don’t think I’d go back for just one. I’d want a few of them. And no, I didn’t forget Ziggler. Lol!

How would you view your so-far career? It’s easy for a fan of yours (or professional wrestling in general), to just say “Awesome” or “Legend” or something good. They say that the biggest critic of someone is himself. How would you criticize yourself and the work you’ve done so far? Thanks in advance.  I’m always hard on myself and I always will be, but looking back, I’ve had a career that perhaps could be second to none. In other words, from the day I started to this day right now, I’ve had more consistently great matches than anyone else. I’m not bragging, it’s just the truth and I’m very proud of that. But I still think I could be better than I am, because I’m very very critical.

Which wrestler do you think brought the best out of you? I would say Chris Benoit.  This is simple:  Chris Benoit, because we were very much alike: aggressive, technical, in superior shape and we told a great story every time we wrestled. We are two rare breeds and I don’t think you’re going to see the intensity that we brought to each other in this lifetime or the next. It was pure magic.

If you could wrestle anyone from the WWE main roster or NXT roster now who would it be? Bryan, Owens and a few that I mentioned in an earlier question.

I was wondering in your mind what is the one thing that is missing in pro wrestling today? I don’t think there’s anything that missing. I do believe things should be changed a bit, but that’s my opinion. I think we’ve allowed the fans to come into our “behind the scenes” world and that’s great, but the mystique is gone now. I wouldn’t mind heading back to the Kayfabe days of keeping a lot of stuff away from the fans. Not forever, but just long enough to get that mystique again.

How did it feel having Austin tied up and blindfolded on the bridge then pushing him into the swimming pool? For Austin to even consider that story line shows how much he believed in me. Austin will always be #1 in my book. He brought wrestling to a whole new level and he could do it all. I felt I could have done the same, but injuries plagued me during my strong run…But that’s life. I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been. Crazy huh?

There was a backstage segment between you and Austin that still cracks me up to this day. He had went on a trip and brought back sombreros for you guys (including Vince) but your hat was insanely small! My question is, do you still have the hat? I do not have the hat. I believe that WWE does, but I wouldn’t doubt if Austin stole it. That whole angle was Austin’s idea. He’s so entertaining and creative and funny. I loved working with him!!!!

How do you feel about recent TNA talent (The Real Sting, Dudley Boyz, etc.) contracting with WWE? Those guys deserve it. They deserve to be on the biggest stage. So does Joe and Storm. We all get opportunities in life. Whether you’re with WWE or TNA, you have to make the most of it, and those guys will.

If you didn’t win the Olympic gold medal where do you think you would be now? Where would I be now if I didn’t win gold??? I believe where I am right now. Somehow I would have found my way to WWE. I had the desire and talent, but I also believe I could have been a great teacher and coach. I always make the most of everything I do. That’s so important no matter what you do in life.

Facebook Fan Q&A 10/16

How do you compare the talent that you are wrestling in your years now to those that you wrestled when you first came into the business (ie: Brock/Eddie/Austin etc compared to EC3/Magnus/other TNA talent)? The talent today isn’t any better or worse than the talent 15 years ago. But can you compare an EC3 or Magnus to a Stone Cold? Hell no. For one, it’s way too early in EC3/Magnus’ careers to compare them to Austin, or anyone else. Austin is one of a kind. Brock Lesnar is one of a kind. Eddie Guererro is one of a kind. In other words, I cannot compare talent, because they are individuals that brought something different to the table. Each of them. If you’re asking if talent isn’t as good as it used to be, I disagree. They are.

What’s your favourite WrestleMania match? All of my WM matches were special. Eddie, Brock, Benoit, they were all incredible, but Shawn Michaels and I had one of the greatest matches in history. There was magic from start to finish. Looking back, if I were healthy for Angle vs Lesnar, that match would have been the one. Two thoroughbreds going at it…nothing more magical than that!

How do you manage the stress in your life? What are some techniques you use to calm your mind and relax?
Managing stress is difficult. I used to drink or take a pill…not anymore! That scenario is gone from my life for GOOD. Meditation- breathing in and exhaling out 5 minuntes a day really helps. Or looking at my children and realizing what truly is important. I literally forget everything I was worrying about and then I’m grateful to have the ones I love. It’s an incredible feeling. My children, the ones that cause me a lot of stress are actually the ones that take it away. Isn’t that a bitch…LOL.

What has been the most challenging experience for you either personal or professional? Many believe that the most challenging experience they have is to stay clean and sober after they’ve had a problem with alcohol or drugs. Not for me. I just needed a reason to stay clean. I found it: GOD and Family. But, the most challenging experience for me was winning gold in 1996. How could it not be? The training, the pressure, the injuries, the struggle. When you overcome all of that and consistently win, as I did, you know that it truly is something special, that GOD put me here not just to be a champion, but to tell my story of how I struggled. Now that’s challenging!

Did you want to be a pro wrestler after you won the Olympics, or did you had a different plan at that time? Most wrestlers have made these unexpected decisions, so I’m really curious.  I did not want to be a pro wrestler, but I started watching  WWE in 1998 and by 1999, I signed a contract with WWE. By 2000, I won the World Title. I knew very little about the business, and I didn’t know the history either, but I was damn good at it from the beginning and I fell in love with it. NOBODY will ever catch on as quickly as I did, or consistently be as good as I was/am. I’m not bragging, it’s just the truth. So although I didn’t want to be a pro wrestler after the Olympics, I was meant to be a pro wrestler PERIOD.

Which one of your attires was your favorite? Team Angle gear. Awesome!

What would you say to someone who really would love to have a go at wrestling but got advised not to because of metal in their ankle? How badly do you want to do it? It’s your decision…you can always work around the injuries or setbacks you have. Again, it’s your decision.

What are your personal 3 favorite foods to maintain muscle? Steak. Egg whites. Barndad FiberDX – it’s Awesome tastes incredible!

I’ve gotta ask re: the milk truck moment from 2001, was that actually milk coming out of the hose? If so, 2% or Whole? Haha I loved it and have always wondered about it. Thanks for your time and everything you’ve done to entertain us over the years! The 2001 milk truck scenario was……..not milk. It was water with white food coloring. The only milk that was used was the cartons I opened during my milk raid.

My son is 16 yrs old and wants to join the Navy after graduation in 1 1/2 yrs. He’s been a wrestler since kindergarten and one of his dreams is to become a professional wrestler… Could that dream still become a reality after his time in the Navy?  What are your thoughts on this? I believe that the Navy will help him mature and decide what he truly wants. I respect him for wanting to represent his country. We have a few pro wrestlers that have served in the Armed Forces. It seemed to help them become the people that they are now. And what a story to tell…. serving your Country and then making your dream of becoming a pro wrestler come true. That’s pure magic!

Facebook Fan Q & A 10/8

Would you ever consider one more match with Brock Lesnar if he joins TNA?  Yes. Brock is a rare talent. He has the ability to break the barrier of being called “a big man”. He can do just about anything and has incredible control of his body. He and I could tear the house down!

Kurt, what do you think about the latest news on the TNA World Title being vacated?  I was happy that Matt Hardy finally won it. I am not a fan of what occurred, but the title is up for grabs. My favorite to win it is Lashley or EC3, although it wouldn’t surprise me if Hardy wins it again.

Why did you go from wrestling boots to sneakers?  I never realized how much more I could do with shoes, rather than boots, until I did a “run in” one night in WWE. I could kick and run easier. That’s when I hung up the boots for good.

I attended a Q&A with Sting last night who spoke very highly of you.  He said you were the full package and it was an honour to work both with and against you. What’s your greatest memory of you and Stinger?  I have many fond memories of Sting. I respect him more than anyone. He’s a genuine and caring individual. My matches with him were epic but I loved teaming with him in the Main Event Mafia. Good stuff.

What’s your best memory when you were training for the Olympics?  My memories were more nightmarish than they were fond. My training was torturous, to the point that I can honestly say, I don’t miss those days. But I won’t forget them. Hard work DOES pay off!

What are your favourite psalms and verses to draw comfort or strength from?  Here is something that everybody can remember because it is simple and to the point, but it means so many different things. “When I am afraid, I will trust YOU”. Psalm 56:3.  We all have fears of failure or not knowing what lies ahead in our lives but we all must push forward and take chances. GOD wants us to succeed and prosper. Sometimes we have to hit valleys before we climb to the top of the mountain. Many times we are afraid to allow GOD to lead us, but if you trust in GOD, and allow HIM to lead you, even when we are in fear, HE will allow us to overcome every obstacle. Trust in HIM to get you through “everything”.

How has your health been since your operation? I know they say wrestling shows are just story lines but as big supporters, we know your neck has been big topic.  I’ve had issues with my neck for years, but I’m ok. I’m healthy and I don’t plan on ending my career this year. I will take a break for a while but I still love performing and I’m still pretty damn good at it. Lol. Thank you for your concern!!!!!

Hi Kurt, I hope you don’t mind me asking I ask this every time you do one of these, but I want to succeed. Do you have any tips and or advise in and on pro wrestling to be successful? Ps thanks for the t-shirt you threw at me in Jan this year in Scotland.  Find a great school to train you. Team 3D or Booker T’s school are both great for training. Limit your bumping. Learn how to bump but limit them. You only have so many in your career. That’s the best advice I can give. You will thank me, lol.

I wanna win state for wrestling- any tips?  Train your butt off, go into your practice eager to learn. Get there early and stay late. I always did that. The time that you put in reflects when you’re competing on the wrestling mat. Go for Gold!

Hi Kurt! Do you have any good or funny Eddie Guerrero memories to share with us? I always loved your matches together.  Eddie and I had a love/hate relationship. We loved each other, but fought like brothers. I remember one time we got into a fist fight. He tried to leg dive me, a move you do in Olympic Wrestling. I hipped down on him and started choking him out. Later, JBL asked Eddie “why would you leg dive an Olympic Gold Medalist?”. Eddie smiled and said “because I’m a dumb ass”. Gosh I miss Eddie. What I wouldn’t do to have one more fist fight with him. Lol.

Facebook Fan Q & A 9/30

Kurt Angle, will you ever do an interview on Stone Cold’s podcast?  I’ve done Austin’s podcast 1 time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We talked a lot about our feud and chemistry in the past. I plan to be on it again. Austin is the biggest name and draw in our industry. He carried the attitude era at one time. He’s every bit as funny and entertaining as he is a wrestler.

Hey Kurt, which wrestler did you enjoy tag teaming with? I wasn’t much of a tag wrestler but I enjoyed tagging with Chris Benoit and AJ Styles. Chris and I had so much intensity that nobody could keep up with us. And AJ was so athletic that I pretty much used my ground skills to add to his areal technique. Together we were money.

Kurt, did you wrestle in college with a Luke Shocklee? Yes. Luke was a 118/126 pounder from Ohio that was very talented. Our team (Clarion) was a powerhouse in college wrestling. It was cool to be a top 5 team when our school was so small. 4000 students.

Kurt Angle, are you going to be filming in movies soon? Yes. I joined an agency and have done many reads. I just started acting lessons. I’m going to push hard for this to be my next career.

Hi Kurt, I am only 15 but I am looking for good wrestling schools do you got any recommendations? Simple. Booker T’s school in Houston and Team 3D’s school in Orlando. I also like what Mickey James and Magnus have started in Richmond Va. These schools are Awesome!

Hey Kurt. When you and Shane had that EPIC match at KOR, how shocked were you when the glass didn’t break after the first throw? Shocked and confused. It was the wrong glass. It was supposed to be sugar glass but it was plexi glass. Somebody got the glass order mixed up, but Shane was persistent about going through it. Twice!!!!!

Hey Kurt, you’re an amazingly strong individual in spirit and athleticism. How to do you to keep your composure when the worst happens? What should I do?  I think of my wife and 4 kids. There are times when I wanted to give up or crawl into a shell. Many times. But my love for my family keeps me going. You need something to fight for. It you don’t have it, then find it.

You’ve done some incredibly funny promos. Which one was your favorite?  My favorite was my stuff with Austin. We didn’t have anything written. It was improv and very natural. I thoroughly enjoyed comedy. Not sure why the boss wanted to put an end to it. I guess he thought nobody was taking me seriously, but I’m an Olympic Gold Medalist. How could you not take me seriously when I stepped into the ring? That’s my opinion.

I heard that you were on the cover of Emmure’s second album entitled “The Respect Issue”. Is that true?  Emmure approached me to do 2 covers for their albums. At the time, they were just starting to break out. I was honored to be on their cover and am happy for their success.

You wrestled in the Olympics with my uncle Tim Vanni, do you remember him? Yes. Tim Vanni was a superior lightweight on our 1992 Olympic team. I believe he placed 5th. He was a great friend. I was in college that year and was an alternate on the team. He motivated me to give my best and 4 years later I won gold. You should be proud of your uncle Tim.

I HAVE TO KNOW. During the greatest boom in wrestling “the Attitude Era” you were best known for your comedy outside the ring in vignettes featuring Rock, Austin, etc. Did you write any of your own material for these classic moments? The chemistry between you and Austin was amazing!  I absolutely loved comedy. I was good at it. I didn’t particularly write for myself but I added my own flavor to it. A writer named Brian Gewirtz was responsible, along with the boss Vince McMahon.

Outside of the ring, what kinds of charities do you assist?  I contribute to and help many charities. A lot. Leukemia Society, Food for the Poor and Feed the Hungry, along with many Christian Charities. We all need to give as much as we can.

Facebook Fan Q & A 9/14

Why are you taking a break from wrestling Kurt? I’m taking a break to get away from wrestling for a bit. I’ve been working very hard for 16 years under TNA and WWE. I want to pursue other things, such as acting. It will not be a long break but it will be a well deserved one.

Hi Kurt my question to you is what is going to be your next adventure as I know that you are taking a break from pro wrestling? I plan on taking acting classes and spending time with my family. I’m going to go at my own pace for a little while. I’m looking forward to it.

Kurt, being a fellow Pittsburgh’er – how do you feel about fans coming up to you while you’re out and about with your family? I’ve ran into you a few times around Robinson, but being that you were with your little rugrats, I kept my distance. Do you mind when fans approach you for a quick hello and possibly a picture?
I enjoy meeting people when I’m out and about. If you see me, come say hi. When you’re in the spotlight, that comes with the territory. I’ve always been kind to fans that approach me.

Kurt Angle, are you ever going to get revenge against EC3 before you leave? I don’t plan on getting revenge on EC3. He’s a talented wrestler and now is his time to shine. I wish him the best. I only plan on giving the best matches I can for my fans.

Pizza or tacos?? That’s a tough one. I love both of them, but pizza has been my fave since childhood

What is your favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is Christmas- The birth of my LORD Jesus Christ. It’s a time to enjoy family as well.

Do you still connect with some of the WWE Superstars? If you so, with whom? Wrestling is very fickle. When you stop traveling with your fellow wrestlers you tend to drift away from them. I still keep in touch with Randy Orton though. Love the guy!

What’s your favorite moment in the ring where you had to improvise? I don’t have a specific moment where I had to improvise, since it occurred often. The time that I recall had nothing to do with me improvising. It had to do with HHH getting me through a match at SummerSlam 2000. I suffered a bad concussion and couldn’t remember anything. But HHH and Rock got me through the match. I don’t know how?? I woke up hours after the match and didn’t remember ANYTHING. Those guys taught me a lot about what to do when things go south. Real pros.

Hi Mr. Angle, What advice would you have for a former school wrestler who wrestled for seven years k-7th grade and he does not want to do it anymore(currently in 11th grade).  He said he may consider it again if he had the proper coaching and training. Thank you. Let him get involved in a local wrestling club and go at his own pace, even if he doesn’t want to attend tournaments right away. Allow him to learn slowly, since he’s been out of commission for 4 years. Any club should have a good coach. Encourage him to join his high school team this winter as well.

What are your plan for after wrestling? And would you consider opening a wrestling school? I want to pursue acting. I’m also getting involved in an amateur wrestling school this fall. Going back to my roots. I may consider coaching pro wrestling in the near future.

Who are you facing at Bound for Glory? I believe I will be facing Eric Young. He’s very talented and we have some physical matches. Looking forward to it!

Facebook Fan Q & A 9/1

What do you think is the chance you will play with Daniel Bryan? I don’t think the question is “if” I wrestle Daniel Bryan. When you have 2 Wrestlers who are desperate to wrestle each other, it will inevitably happen. My guess is in the next 18 months. The question is, where?

I’d love to know how you came up with your famous phrase “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!”  It’s true came up because I would degrade whatever town I was in, specifically their sports teams, and usually the teams that were doing bad. The fans would boo me but I was telling the truth. So after they booed me I’d say “It’s true. It’s damn true”.

What does it feel like to be such an icon and inspiration for so many people? I don’t think much about being an inspiration or icon, I’m just being me. If I inspire, I’m happy I’m able to do that. As far as being an icon, that’s not my place to comment. That’s your place to decide my friend.

What do you think about the future of wrestling? Young wrestlers? What advice would you give them for a better future? Pro Wrestling is in a delicate state right now. I believe the future of wrestling relies solely on the wrestlers. It’s their call. Entertaining isn’t just about talent, it’s about staying healthy and being positive in society. They’ve done a good job of the latter, but the healthy part is so important. You can’t create a star if he’s injured all of the time. John Cena is where he is because he’s been relatively healthy his entire career. Imagine where a Kurt Angle would be today if I were able to stay healthy on a full time schedule (or Daniel Bryan!). What I’m saying is, the wrestlers need to rethink the chances they are taking, minimize their risks and “take a chance” every once in a while. Have you ever seen Bruno or Jake the Snake jump off the top rope? They didn’t have to. Shall I say any more???

Hi Kurt, I’m an aspiring wrestler (still in training) and a big fan of your style of wrestling. I’ve been practicing a lot of submissions and different types of technical holds but I was wondering, what would your advice for me? Incorporate the holds and moves as much as possible. Did you ever watch Angle vs Benoit RR 2003? It is perhaps the greatest technical world title submission match ever. Get your reputation from that instead of high flying. You’ll have a much longer career.

As a parent, what advice would you give teachers for the start of the new school year? What are your expectations for teachers? Teachers are so important to our children, our society and the future of this country. Teachers are the direct reason our country will remain one of the most highly educated countries in the world. I applaud you for that. Advice from me? I worry about bullying in schools and online and the emotional toll that it is taking on these kids. It makes me sad to read stories about victims that have hurt themselves because they felt they had nowhere to turn. Please, keep an eye out for these kids. Show them how special they are and reinforce how valuable they will be. And lastly, make it clear that bullies will not be tolerated. Anywhere!!!!

Do you ever get sick of people asking if you’re going back to WWE? Do you think they should’ve ended Takers streak? No I don’t get sick of it, but I do hear it quite a bit…lol. I don’t blame them for asking. As a loyal WWE fan, they want to know why I left and that’s ok. I needed to leave for health reasons. Am I going back? I’ve had a stellar career in both WWE and TNA. Whether I make a deal to wrestle there again or not, I’ve had fun and that’s all that matters. Lastly, NOBODY should have ended Taker’s streak. But that’s my opinion.

Did you ever have any bad blood with any wrestlers? Any wrestlers you hated working with ? I’ve never had bad blood with anyone. I’ve had a couple scuffles with wrestlers but nothing big. I regret getting into a scuffle with Eddie Guerrerro. We both were frustrated and took it out on each other, but we’re all human. I’m older and wiser now.

Hey Champ. I watched Foxcatcher the other day and Channing Tatum looked just like you. If they make a movie about your life who would you want to play you? I may do a documentary on my life. A movie could follow. I’ve never thought much about who would play me. If it were my choice, it would be my son Kody. He’s my boy and I know he loves wrestling. That would make me happy.

Are you looking forward to your visit to England and are you making a holiday of it and bringing your family too? I’m ecstatic about coming to England! There are a lot of things I want to say to the fans. My wife will be coming as well, but I don’t think it will be much of a family holiday. I believe that I have appearances every day, but I will enjoy it.

Facebook Fan Q & A 8/17

How is your health going? Are you going to come back in wrestling soon?  My health is progressing. I should be back in the ring by October.

Kurt, was there ever a great prank played by you/on you by another wrestler and if so what was it? Yes. Road Dogg once pulled my singlet down to my ankles when I walked out to wrestle one night. I was wearing a jock strap. I immediately changed to briefs the next evening.

Hey, Kurt, what is your favorite book to read? Also, what’s your favorite band? Mike Tyson “Fire and Fear” because I was obsessed with Mike’s dominance in boxing. His story is pretty inspirational. He made some mistakes, as we all do. My fave band is Casting Crowns or Crowder. Love me some Christian music. Fuels my soul.

Who was your favourite diva in the WWE Roster?  It’s tough to pick one. I admired Sable and Jackie Moore for their impact in the 90’s. I love Trisha, Gail Kim, Lita and Mickie James…incredible wrestlers. But, you have to throw Chyna in there for her desire to go with the big boys. They’re all great in their own way. The Bellas have done well and Paige is great. I can’t pick one, that would be crazy.

Kurt, what is your favorite historical moment in wrestling? Seriously? The 1996 Olympics and 1995 World Championships. I won gold at both. Nothing will compare…nothing my friend!

Did you ever contemplate going out for the Olympics 4 years after 1996?  No, I didn’t. I was committed to the WWE and loved it every bit as much. My desire to wrestle in the Olympics again came relatively too late in 2012 when the training was too difficult on my body. I was 42. I don’t regret not going back, I’ve enjoyed wrestling in WWE and TNA too much to regret it.

What’s the secret to perfecting the German/belly to belly suplexes? Yours are flawless.  Arching your back and timing the throw. It can be the best move in wrestling or the most dangerous move.  You do not want the latter or it will be outlawed when you continuously throw your opponent on his head.

I just got done reading your book for the 5th time. Will there ever be a movie about your life story? There could be perhaps. Most likely a documentary, but my story will be told. Thanks for reading my book!

As a parent, how do you encourage your children to stay active? Would you encourage them into sport professionally or family friendly sports like cycling, fishing or football(soccer)?  There is nothing better than competitive sports. You learn about success and failure quickly. As long as you support your child in a positive way, he/she will drastically improve. Even if they’re not Champions, they learn so much about life and the real world, through sports.

What’s your favorite dinosaur?  Barney. Lol

As a fellow Clarion graduate, what were some of your favorite things from Clarion?  Being a Clarion Graduate, I loved the support from the students and the town. In my day, we would pack Tippin Gym with 4-5000 fans during a wrestling match…that’s unheard of today. We need that support again. It starts with the athletic department accessing more scholarships for the wrestlers. Wake up Clarion U!!! Your wrestling program is the best thing you had. Pennsylvania is the Mecca of amateur wrestling. You want another Kurt Angle? Then fund the wrestling team so they can be a national powerhouse like they were in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It’s damn true!!!!