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Facebook Fan Q&A 4/29/16

Heard talk yesterday about WWE possibly releasing a DVD/Blu-ray about you next year, would this be something you would be interested in being a part of or will it just be your best matches? There are rumors going around. Don’t always believe what you hear. If you didn’t hear it from WWE or me, don’t always buy into it. Anybody would be interested in getting a DVD set of their best matches, so yes, I’d be interested in talking to them about it.

With the tragic passing of Chyna last week are there any memories you’d like to share about her? Chyna was a joy to work with. She was every bit as good as everyone thinks she is. I was proud to share the ring with her.

Will you be on Stone Cold’s podcast anytime soon? Just wondering what’s your relationship with him is like if there even is one? Austin and I are on good terms, always have been. I did his podcast 2 years ago. I’d do it again if he’s interested. He is the man. Biggest name in the biz. We had classic times.

Knowing you are a Pennsylvania native, have you ever been to Knoebels? And if so, what was your favorite ride? That is from my 4 year old son. Never been, but now I’m interested. I will check up on it and take your son’s word how great it is. 🙂 Will bring my family. Thx.

I heard a rumor that you and Vince used to wrestle each other and one day you guys woke up Taker and you were on top of Vince and Taker choked you out– TRUE or FALSE? True…kind of. I was wrestling Vince and Taker thought I was hurting him. But you can’t hurt Vince, he’s crazy. Taker choked me and pick me up off of Vince. He wasn’t trying to hurt me. There’s mad respect between Taker and I. It was all good.

Are you close friends with anybody from other Professional sports? James Farrior. Rob Gronkowski. Michael Bisping. Randy Couture. Chael Sonnen to name a few.

Thoughts on Armageddon 2000 6-man Hell in a Cell? Stories, effects on career? The only thing I can say is there will NEVER be that many big names at once in the same cage the night we brutalized each other. Never!

In all your travels, what was the worst thing you ever ate? Alligator. Yummy….lol.

Your thoughts about Eric Young and Bobby Roode (Soon) in NXT? They’re talented and deserve to be successful in any company…WWE…TNA…anywhere else.

Are you addicted to any TV shows or movies as of now? Walking Dead, Supernatural, and If Loving You is Wrong- my wife got me hooked on that one. Lol.

Who do you miss working with the most? Who were close to outside of the ring? Eddie. Benoit. Lesnar. Taker. AJ. Joe. There are more, but that should suffice…lol.

Facebook Fan Q&A 4/15/16

How was it filming WARRIOR? Incredible movie—It was fun but a lot of work. The director Gavin O’Connor was such a perfectionist that we must have done 1000s of hours shooting the fight scenes. But that’s what I expect from 1 of the best directors in the biz. I put him up there with Michael Bay. The cast was awesome. Tom Hardy, Joel Edggerton and Nick Nolte were pros and made me feel right at home.

What was your reaction to Sting announcing his retirement at the WWE Hall of fame ceremony? I think we all knew it would come eventually. I’m glad he was able to step into a WWE ring. He sealed his legacy as one of the very best ever!!!!

Could you take Chuck Norris? In 5 seconds but I’m sure Chuck would disagree…lol.

What type of actor would you be best at? Comedy, Horror, Action or something else? I like comedies. I have yet to do one. I’ve always felt comfortable doing comedy, especially in WWE. I’ve done a few action films, but I love comedy. Don’t we all?

What was your favorite match that you unfortunately lost? Wrestlemania 20 with Eddie. He was so talented, but Eddie always seemed to get over on me. #LieCheatSteal

What is your favorite era in the WWE – Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era? Hitting the tail end of the attitude era was lots of fun. Lots of comedy. But, the ruthless era was great too. That’s when my character changed into more serious mode. I loved them both but Austin and Rock and HHH were so much fun to work with in the Attitude Era.

What was your weirdest road story or smallest venue you have ever wrestled in? Weirdest road story? If you haven’t heard about it, it’s when Vince McMahon kept trying to wrestle me on a chartered plane. 4 hours of pure hell. He wouldn’t stop. All I wanted to do is sleep. Vince never sleeps. Lol.

Do you have a plans to show up in WWE Hall of Fame? Any future expectations? I don’t know. I don’t control what WWE does and doesn’t do. It would be an honor to be inducted, but I’m not expecting anything from anyone. I’m taking my break one day at a time. This year is MY year off. Yippee!!

What is your favorite country to wrestle in? I love wrestling in the UK and Scotland. Great fans. Japan and US are also great. Still so many places to go to. I’ve never been to South America to wrestle, that would be nice before I retire.

Have you ever played any of the video games you’re featured in? And if so do you play as yourself? Lol I’ve never taken that “leap” of playing video games because I’m WAY too competitive. I love to win and if I don’t, I’m afraid I will never stop. Lol. I will die trying to win.

Facebook Fan Q&A 3/30/16

I live in Barcelona, I am training to be a pro wrestler and I am British, I have only been training 2 months but I have picked it up super quick (already had a match in training) and I wanted to know what your advice would be if my goal is to work for WWE (24yrs 190lbs 5″10/5″11)? Get consistent matches in the next 2-3 years. Make sure you work with anyone more experienced than you. Listen to them and follow their lead. A good leader starts with being a good follower. It’s going to take some time but be patient!

Are you worried about the future of Olympic wrestling since the removal of its “core sport” status by the Olympic Committee? It was initially cancelled for the 2020 games, but it actually gained approval votes as a non-core sport, and will have to continue to do so every four years. To me, it’s a travesty. But, things can always change.  As long as wrestling follows all of the rules of the IOC it should be fine. It will be around forever. Wrestling was kind of a rebel in the past. They did whatever they wanted. But now they need to abide by the IOC rules. It will be here forever. I hope!

Give me a couple of movements you do in your back workout. Something you do that may be different from most. I need to change mine up a little. Thanks. I don’t do anything different, but I go light weight and very strict. My movements are slow and steady. That will help you!

I am on the autistic spectrum (Asperger’s), and I am a 17-year-old senior in high school, I’m only saying this because I believe I read that your son has autism, I’m sorry if I’m wrong. My question is, what’s your son’s favorite match of you? Yes, my son Kody is on the spectrum. He’s very smart. He has learned how to read and write and he will have a normal life. He loves wrestling. He loves all of my matches, but my match with Shawn Michaels is his favorite.

What’s the most insane move you have done? Moonsault off the cage. Many times. But I won’t be doing that anymore. Lol.

Do you think the Kurt you are now could beat the you from back in the day? Hell no. I was an animal. I’m 47 now. Before I injured my neck in 2003, I was unstoppable. I had a few years where my neck kept getting injured. But now my neck is healthy, I can still mix it up in the ring pretty well….. Still. But not like I was in 1996-2003.

What was your dream car as a kid? If no dream car, what was your first car? Bat Mobile !!! Lol.

I am wondering how you altered your diet to look even leaner? Consistency and no cheat days. Diet is scientific. All calories count. Even on cheat days. If you “cheat” do it at 1 meal. Not all day. It will help.

No way out 2001 you had a huge botch 3 count at the end of the match. What actually happened? The ref counted 3 at the wrong time. It happens sometimes. But he’s still a great ref. We all make mistakes.

Do you prefer a steak or a burger? Steak. I stay away from bread, but I love burgers.

Batman or Superman? This contradicts my previous answer to another question asking about my dream car as a kid, but I have to say Superman. He can fly and is made of steel. Just like me. Lol.

Facebook Fan Q&A 3/18/16

Do you ever wish you and Undertaker wrestled at Wrestlemania? And was there ever a time that match was close to happening? Yes. Undertaker IS Wrestlemania. I’ve always wanted to face him. No it never came close to being a reality. Both Taker and I wanted it but it was out of our hands.

One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain: “The two most important days in a man’s life are the day you’re born, and the day you find out why.” Other than winning the Gold Medal or winning any professional wrestling championship, what would you say would be the defining moment of your life? 1- my Kids. I adore my family. They are my priority. 2- overcoming my addiction 3 years ago. That train has left the station. I’m very proud to be clean for good.

Do you feel that wrestlers relying on submission moves are given second preference over high flyers or crowd entertainers? It depends. If you’re Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit, you’ve proven time and time again that submission tradeoffs work extremely with wrestling psychology. Way more than high flying. But the sport needs a little bit of everything, especially today.

I’ve always noticed after losing the hair vs hair match to Edge, your character quickly became vicious, and this trait increased more and more over time. Was this part of the storyline or just a coincidence? It’s no secret I was going bald anyway. Vince felt it was time for me to show my vicious, badass side instead of the goofy comedy side. He was right to a certain degree. Shaving my head made the transition easier and better:-)

I know you did a Q & A in here in the UK where you chose The Rock over John Cena because of how Rock was in his prime when you worked with him, but my question would be which title victory meant more, was it beating the Rock at No Mercy 2000 or beating Stone Cold Steve Austin at Unforgiven 2001? Austin was a better in ring general but both Rock and Austin were exceptional wrestlers. My first title meant more because it was my first title. So beating the Rock was my defining moment.

What are your thoughts on Sting’s retirement due to injury? Is it something WWE should be more aware of that certain moves may be too dangerous at a certain point? Yes, but I believe WWE has done a fantastic job of protecting wrestlers. It wasn’t like that when I was there…everything was acceptable. But WWE protects the wrestlers quite a bit now. Sting’s injury was a freak thing.

I teach able and disabled students martial art and self-defense. How easy is it for someone with ADHD to get into wrestling (as one of my students wants to learn)? Kids with ADHD are exceptional with things they have a passion for. I believe they make the best athletes/wrestlers in the world. So yes, they can learn how to be a pro or amateur wrestler. My son Kody is a great example. He has Autism and ADHD. He is an Amazing wrestler because he loves it!

During your issues over the course of the last 6 years how did you remain so positive? And who out of all the wrestlers you’ve met was the nicest? I wasn’t any more or less injured than any other wrestler. Injuries come with the sport. I always pushed myself to get back in the ring asap. I may have pushed too hard at times. But I love performing and I’m blessed to have gone 16 plus years. Nicest wrestler? Rey Mysterio. Anybody would agree!

Looking back on the original ECW, aside from the Sandman crucifixion, is there anything from the Raven-Sandman feud that you would’ve changed had you joined ECW back then? I wish I could answer that question, but I didn’t watch back then. I started watching when I signed in 1999. I’m sorry. I know that Sandman and Raven had a good run together.

Are the rumors true you met with Triple H at the Arnold Schwarzenegger sports fest? If not, would you consider going back to WWE for one last run? Rumors are false. I never spoke to HHH. Would I go back? I don’t know. I’m taking time off from any organization, at least 1 year, but I will be back again most likely in 2017. Where? I don’t know.

I’m 42 and been working out for years, but I suffer from anxiety and depression. It just comes on and turns off. It makes me not want to work out and just sleep. It sucks because I have a great family with my boys and wife. Do you ever have days that you can’t get motivated and experience depression? Me personally? No. But, I just attended a funeral of a friend who killed himself due to depression. He left behind a wife and 2 beautiful kids. He stopped taking his medication. So, please consult a doctor and do everything you can to pull yourself out of it. Your family depends on it.

Facebook Fan Q&A 2/23/16

Out of everyone at Bellator who would you really wanna get into a cage with? —Mcgeary or Lashley. They both are amazing fighters. But I may not be able to go with them anymore…I’m getting old. Lol. I love watching them fight.

What is your main focus now you’ve left TNA (aside from family of course). What’s next for the legendary Kurt Angle?–I’m working on my acting career and my supplement company BarnDad Nutrition. I’m gonna have fun with the next phase of my career.

What’s your thoughts on the return of Shane McMahon last night on RAW? –It’s the best thing they’ve done in years. Shane is an attraction. People love him. He will bring a lot of interest back to the company.

What are your feelings about independent schools and promotions that keep springing up here in Europe? Would you consider making some appearances around here, spreading your knowledge? Especially to Centro de Treinos de Wrestling here in Portugal?— I think these promotions are doing an amazing job. I would definitely consider coming to Europe, but I most likely won’t wrestle. We will see.

How was your time at Memphis Power Pro wrestling?–I learned a lot in Memphis. They have an Amazing tradition there and the fans are incredible.

I really enjoyed the main event mafia did you like it and do you have any good Scott Steiner stories?–Main Event Mafia was Kevin Nash’s idea. It was fun. The wrestlers that made up that group are all HOFers. It was unique and fun. I can’t tell you any Steiner stories or I’d have to kill you. Lol

If you were to write a book about your life and career what would you title it and who would you want to write the forward?–I would title it “The Greatest Ever” because I am…LOL. The forward would be written by Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter. ;-)~

Kurt is there any specific match in your career you wish you had lost because in your opinion your opponent was the better wrestler?–No. I’ve never wrestled an opponent better than me, but I have wrestled guys that I felt needed a good push. Most of the time I would change the finish. An example was Jay Lethal. I was supposed to beat him but I had him beat me because I felt it was right to do it.

Hello sir, as far as your career , was there any other character or personality you ever wanted to try or explore?–No. But I loved the goofy ass character I played at the beginning. WWE creative put an end to it because they wanted me to be more of a bad ass. I don’t really agree with that but I did what I was told to do.

What was it like having Dave Schultz as a friend and work out partner?–I never would have won gold if it wasn’t for Dave Schultz. He was everyone’s coach, mentor, and best friend. We ALL loved him.

Besides your neck what has been the most painful injury you have had to endure? –I’ve been very blessed not to have many injuries. My neck was my only painful serious injury back in 2003-2006. I’ve had others, but my neck affected me for some time. Actually my neck is okay now so I have no complaints. Wrestling brings a lot of injuries and pain. Tough business.

Will you still Q and A once you no longer wrestling? –Yes I will.

Facebook Fan Q&A 2/12/16

Where do you see the wrestling business in the next 10 years?  It’s difficult to say. What it needs is another Big Era…an identity for this era. I think the wrestling has gotten much better. WWE will always control the tempo of the business, but it’s nice to see smaller companies surviving. I feel like these next 10 years will be a defining moment for wrestling. We shall see!

If UFC was bigger in the 90’s, would have you considered MMA instead of Pro Wrestling?  Yes, I love MMA. I love combat. I don’t regret what I’ve done in Pro Wrestling, but I’d love to see how I would have done in MMA when I was 100 percent healthy.

What are your thoughts on Daniel Bryan retiring?  It’s sad. Daniel was in his prime. I was fortunate to be able to continue with wrestling my neck problems, Daniel wasn’t. I would have loved to mix it up with him!

Have you ever been to Italy? What is your relationship with the fans of other nations?  I’ve been to Italy for both Olympic and Pro Wrestling. I love that country. Tremendous fans and very fun to travel throughout Italy. I’ve always enjoyed going there.

I just wanted to know, how are you feeling at the moment?  I’m healthy. I feel really good. Very proud of my #farewelltour matches with TNA. Looking forward to wrestling Rey Mysterio for UrShow. Should bring back some amazing memories when Rey and I wrestled in WWE.

Do you agree with the whole Tytus O’Neil suspension?  I don’t know much about it. Something about him hugging someone? I’m not sure what occurred. Titus is a great man. Great father. He is a positive influence on wrestling, from what I know about him.

Has anyone gotten a concussion in one of your matches?  Besides me? LOL. I don’t think so. I suffered a couple of concussions early on in my career. I don’t wish that on anybody.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet? Travel the world with my family. I’ve done it alone, in amateur and pro wrestling, but I’d love to travel Australia, South America, Europe and Asia with my family. No wrestling, just touring the incredible countries. That would be really fun.

In your whole pro wrestling career, What would you say your biggest challenge was?  Staying healthy. It’s tough to stay healthy wrestling for 16 years straight. I’ve been pretty blessed to not have any career ending injuries. Being healthy is a priority for me now. I’d like to be able to play with my kids, and eventually, my grand kids.

With as long as you’ve been in the business, what’s surprised you the most?  Honestly? How good I feel after wrestling 20 years in both Olympic wrestling and pro wrestling. I’m very happy to be as healthy as I am right now.

Why did we see so many thong pictures of you in your WWE days?  Ha. Thong?? You mean my briefs? Underwear? Yes, I’ve had my singlet pulled down to my knees many times. It was to make you laugh. I hope I achieved that.

Facebook Fan Q&A 1/22/16

Would you think that Goldberg would ever make a full comeback? Goldberg is an animal. He could return if he chose to. But I think he may be retired. Who knows? 1 more match would be nice. Goldberg vs Angle

What move in the ring did you enjoy least being done on you and which was the one you enjoyed executing the most? DDT’s always make me nervous. But I’m game for anything. RVD’s frog splash is a tough one. Rob’s a big boy and he can jump high. I don’t think there’s a move that someone had inflicted on me that I enjoy the most. That’s like saying “I love to get my ass kicked” Lol

Which TV series would you love to have a regular or recurring role in? And as for the person imitating you, has anybody checked on the whereabouts of Charlie Hass? He has previous form for this impersonation thing! LOL! Are U kidding? Walking Dead. I would whip some zombie ass. I will have to check on Charlie Haas. lol

How did you come to naming your son Kody (spelling and reasoning)?  I wanted my kids to have the same first initial as I do. Kyra, Kody. That’s why I did it. I also like the name Kody 🙂

Which run as a GM did you like the best?  I enjoyed both of them but I displayed more depth as Smackdown manager. Good stuff!

How do you feel about these wrestlers with 3+ years entering novice tournaments?  Novice means beginning. Regardless of age, novice should only entail 1st or 2nd year wrestlers. Talk to the tournament director. It’s not fair!

Do you plan on marking your departure from Impact Wrestling in any way?  I would love to sit down and have a nice dinner with all of them and talk about our incredible moments in TNA. That would be nice. Nothing planned though.

Are you looking forward to the London film Comic Con in July and do you have any funny meeting fans moments? Finally Comic Con in the UK! I had to postpone last year. I’m looking forward to it. As far as funny moments, why don’t you think if something funny and we’ll do it together? #comicconintheUK

Did you feel bad for Shane o Mac when you had to keep trying to belly to belly him through the glass at King Of The Ring? I do now but back then Shane kept telling me “do it again you P#ssy!” So Shane got what he asked for. Crazy bastard.

Will you be writing another autobiography?—Perfectly timed question. I just started on it. My new book will be out probably late 2017.

Did you find who it was who send that glitter in that envelope?  No, but if you find out, tell me. I will gladly Angle Slam his ass. Twice!!!!!

There have been rumors of rumors that we might be seeing you at the royal rumble could you lay these rumors to rest for us?  No Rumble. I’m still in TNA until February 1st. Just to put rumors to rest!

Any advice and encouragement for a friend of mine who’s a young amateur wrestler from the Pittsburgh area?  Nick and Bobbi, Enjoy these moments now, they don’t last long. Make it fun for Nick. No pressure. Let Nick find his rhythm and he will develop nicely. Limit the matches to 3-4 tournaments a year until he gets into middle school. Don’t burn him out young. Good luck!!

Facebook Fan Q&A 1/13/16

Which brand’s underwear is your favorite ?  Hanes Underwear – if it’s good enough Michael Jordan, it’s good enough for me…lol.

Back in the day “Ming” was considered to be one of the most intimidating guys in the locker room. People walked on egg shells around him. Out of the TNA and WWE rosters who is that guy now in your opinion?  Ming is was and always will be the man. He was so tough and he wouldn’t hesitate to bite your thumb off or gouge out your eye. That’s what separates him from the Angles’ and Lashleys’ of the world. In other words I personally couldn’t do that, and I don’t think Lashley would either. But Ming was such a badass…everyone respected him. The other toughest badasses that compare to Ming today are Undertaker and Lesnar. And yes, they would bite your thumb off if given the chance. Beware of anything to occur when Ming is near!!!!

Your thoughts on the current state of wrestling/sports entertainment, especially with how WWE is plummeting the ratings/ crowd attendance?  Nobody can compare to WWE but there are many televised companies out there. NXT, Tna, ROH, Lucha underground, NJPW, and soon GFW. That’s a lot of wrestling. A lot to choose from. It’s being a bit diluted but the reason for that is there is so much talent out there…probably more than ever, you can’t deny that. Wrestling appears to be on an upswing, but we won’t see the upswing in ratings for at least a year. Fans need to be patient and settle in to what they truly like. All shows are different, but WWE will always carry the load. They have everything, money, power, creativeness, and talent. I think the ratings will eventually go up for some of these smaller companies as well, but WWE will be the monster, and it’s ultimately up to them to make wrestling even more mainstream. I think they will, and I think the Tna’s and others will be the alternative. There needs to be options out there.

Who was your favorite wrestler to do comedy bits with?  Mick Foley was my favorite. So funny. He is what I enjoyed watching. My favorites to work with for comedy were Edge and Christian. And Stone Cold…Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care, I got Olympic Gold!  LOL

What do you think of Sting getting into the WWE hall of fame?  If anybody deserves HOF it’s Sting. He was the man for so long and he still is. He could do it all!!!! He was the most cooperative person to work with. Of all the things I learned from him, I learned to be humble and never greedy. He’s a role model for everybody.

Which wrestler in the WWE or NXT at the moment makes you excited for the future of the business ?  Gable and Jordan. They’re incredible. Also Balor, and if given the chance, Samoa Joe. They’re all breakthrough stars. There’s more down there that I can talk about but I will leave it at that.

Did you enjoy working with Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin? Yes. They were like sponges, picking everything up so quickly. I enjoyed teaming up with them. Charlie was a technician and Shelton was a super athlete. Team Angle was the sh#t. It ended too quickly.

How was it being in the ring against Drew Galloway last night on Impact Wrestling?  Remember that Drew is still very young. His ability to be the best is obvious. Drew is exceptional and he will go down in history as one of the all time greats. He’s destined for it. I enjoyed tearing the house down with him.

What is the best way for youth wrestlers to build muscle?  Under 12. Isometrics- push ups, pull ups, squats with no weight. Core training. 12 and over: weight training, core training and power movements- Squats, power cleans. And plenty of protein for all of them. Double of protein for each pound they weigh!

What was the most random thing you saw when you visited Glasgow (Scotland)?  It’s not quite random, but the best thing I saw in Scotland was the Castle. Edinburgh Castle. Wow! Nothing I’ve seen compares to the beauty of it.

What’s the hardest thing you have had to do in your career?  Winning Gold with a broken neck. For pro wrestling: wrestling the beast Lesnar in an Ironman match. He’s an animal!!

What you think of the rumors that Daniel Bryan is set to be released next week from the WWE?  It’s disappointing if it’s true. Daniel never got to see his peak in WWE. I hope he continues somewhere else if that’s what he truly wants.

Facebook Fan Q&A 12/31/15

If you could have a farewell tour and pick your last ten opponents, who would you pick? That’s tough. So many great ones. Bryan, Rollins, Cesaro, Rusev, Lesnar, Taker, EC3, Lashley, Roode, and Young. I have a few more but that’s 10.

You’ve had a lot of great classic matches. Are there any that you think are under appreciated?  Undertaker No Way Out 2006. Anderson cage match in TNA. Those 2 were some of my best matches but many fans don’t mention them. The psychology was off the chart with these matches!

Are you a fan of hardcore wrestling or do you prefer to have/watch standard matches?  I’m not a fan of hardcore. I can do it, but I prefer to wrestle. I’m a wrestler. It’s my best weapon.

Why you were named Kurt?  My father was German. He liked the name Kurt. That’s all I know about why they named me that:-)

What is the one movie you can watch anytime?  Rocky. It’s such an inspiring story of an underdog that reached greatness. I’ve lived my whole life by that movie.

My youngest (4) has been doing well in tournaments, we want him to compete in states, but were wondering if we should wait till next year, would like to hear your thoughts.  Take it easy on him…he’s 4. If you rush him early, he won’t enjoy the sport when he gets older. Wrestlers only have a short window of time where they can continue to grow and improve and ENJOY the sport. Don’t rush him. Skip this year from States.

Who had the greatest influence/impact on your life?  My brothers. I have 4 older brothers and they excelled in sports. I always wanted to be like them. Because of them, I became a world class athlete. My brother Eric is 1 year older than me. I always chased him. I HAD to beat him and eventually I became better than him. It was because of my desire to be like my brothers.

When Daniel Puder put an MMA hold on you, were you genuinely angry or was it part of it?  Daniel had me in a tight arm bar. Unfortunately it was a wrestling competition and I pinned him. He could have broken my arm if it lasted 20 more seconds, but it wasn’t an MMA competition it was wrestling. Daniel is a tough kid. I was never mad at him. I just told him he was a dummy because he pinned himself when he was trying to break my arm. I was never angry with him.

Which two stars would you get to wrestle one another and get the crowd talking after the match?  Wow! I can’t pick just 2 stars but I’d love to see Angle vs Bryan. Fans will be talking for years. Lol.

If Jimmy cracked the corn, would you care?  I would care. Because I care very much about Jimmy. Jimmy was a big part of my alliance with Stone Cold. But I think Austin doesn’t care much about Jimmy. Lol

What is your New Years resolution?  My New Years resolution is to help as many people as I can with the knowledge I’ve accrued over the years. I enjoy speaking to people about life experiences. I have many speeches coming up this year.

Who was your toughest technical wrestling opponent: Benoit, Guerrero, Lashley, or Lesnar?  Wow…they were all incredible! It’s tough to pick between them, but Benoit and I had the most amazing chemistry. It was magic every time we wrestled. Some of the greatest matches ever! If you don’t believe me watch Royal Rumble 2003 when I wrestled Benoit for the world title. “Standing Ovation” that never happens!

Facebook Fan Q&A 12/11/15

What WWE superstar really pushed you to bring out your very best?  Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit. Both of them were incredible “wrestlers”. They weren’t stunt men, although they could do just about anything. I could really utilize my amateur style with these two. And they both were very intense. They were on another level specifically on their ability to keep up with my attack.

Do you think that Triple H should take over the WWE?  Yes. HHH has really grown into the position as the new man in charge. He’s Always understood the business. And he’s done a fantastic job in NXT. So yes he could very much run the whole company someday and do it very well.

What is your favorite Eddie Guerrero memory?  Wrestlemania 20. When Eddie loosened his boot and slipped out of my ankle lock. It was brilliant. Eddie was one of the absolute best performers ever. He had it all. RIP Eddie

Besides wrestling, what was your dream job when you were a kid?  My dream job was ALWAYS about sports. Football, Wrestling, Baseball. I wanted to be just like my sports idols, but my parents had different plans for me. They wanted me to get a great education so they moved me to Mt Lebanon township, the top academic school in the state at the time. I understood that education would help me go further in life. So I focused on sports and education. From that point I decided that if I didn’t win a gold medal or play pro football, I would become a teacher and coach. That became my dream job.

Did you manage to get some fish and chips when in UK, what was your favourite dish while over here?  Yes, my wife and I enjoyed all of the food in the UK. It seems more “homemade” and fresher. We had the fish and chips quite a few times so I can’t pick which one was better….LOL.

What are the fundamental necessary skills to become a pro wrestler? There’s more to pro wrestling than being able to wrestle. You also need to cut a great promo. To have a character fans can relate to in a positive or negative way. But the most important thing is psychology. Telling a story during your wrestling match. When it’s done properly It makes a very simple match extraordinary.

What was your favorite SmackDown moment in which you were involved?  Probably my 1 hour ironman match with Lesnar. It was a very trying time for me. My sister passed the night before and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. So I dedicated the match to her. That’s why it was so special.

What are your holiday plans?  Our plans are to spend time with the whole family. It’s been a difficult year for the Angles, but we are a strong family. So we will celebrate each other and what we have been blessed with, regardless of the difficult year we’ve had 😃😃😃😃

What is your favorite title run you had in your career and for what reason?  My first title in WWE, beating the Rock, and getting the opportunity to defend the title against legends like Austin, Taker, HHH, and many others was exciting for me.

If you could, would you be a Jedi or a Sith?  I’m a little bit uneducated in the Star Wars department, I don’t even know what a Jedi or Sith is….LOL. BUT, ironically, my wife is forcing me to watch the Star Wars movies and we are going to see the new one coming out this month. Who knows? I may become a fanatic by the new year😃😃😃

What are your favorite things to do for the Christmas season?  Putting up the decorations and watching my wife and kids open their gifts from Santa Claus. It’s the most satisfying thing I’ve ever experienced.