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Instagram Q&A with Kurt – April 20, 2018

Q: What are some important tips you could give to someone whose trying to build a good physique at the gym?

A: Diet is most important. You can train harder than anyone but if your diet is bad, you won’t get the results you want. Hi protein. Low carbs and fat.

Q: Would you or do you ever do yoga?

A: I started yoga two years ago. It has helped me stay healthy and limber. I’ve been a big believer in stretching your body and strengthening your core. Yoga does that.

Q: You’re more social than most, do you think the good guys on TV have a duty to be that in real life?

A: We ALL have a duty to be cordial to our fans. If you’re not, then you’re in the wrong business.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do as the RAW General Manager?

A: Wrestle. I get the chance every so often, but not as much as I’d like to. But being GM is fun too. I get to converse with ALL the talent.

Q: Who was your favorite person in the ring to work with and how did that person has impacted your career?

A: It’s tough to say. I enjoyed HHH, Rock, Austin, Lesnar, Jericho, Edge, Eddie and Michaels. But my best chemistry was with Benoit.

Q: When you were in high school, did you have a favorite move?

A: I was an agile wrestler, so I attacked quite often. Duck unders were my best.

Q: I was wondering what is it like on a normal day at WWE? Is it just practicing intros before the arenas get packed with the WWE fans?

A: No. We don’t rehearse much. It would take the fun out of going live on the show, but we talk about things we would like to do or say. We also talk to media and do promotions and autograph signings.

Q: What advice and/or inspiration did you gather from Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero?

A: I learned to slow down…be in the moment…let things stew a bit. Benoit and Eddie were 2 of the best.

Q: You’re viewed in many different lights by wrestling fans depending upon what period of wrestling they grew up watching – a cowardly attitude era heel, a technical/submission machine, a milk swilling all-American hero, a cowboy hat wearing goofball, or an anti-authority authority figure. When the time comes for you to hang up your boots and / or blazer for good, what would you MOST like people to consider your legacy in the wrestling world to be?

A: It’s tough. I enjoyed being a goof ball at the beginning. It worked because the fans hated it. Then, they started to appreciate the comedy, the things I’d say or things I’d do. Fans remember these moments forever. But the wrestling machine was really fun. At one point I was the very best. I enjoyed putting on these amazing matches. I’ve been blessed to have different characters that really worked.

Q: Who do you think is the greatest and most influential superstar of all time in the entire WWF/WWE?

A: Eddie, Flair, Michaels, Hart, HHH. but if you’re talking popularity, Hogan, Austin, Rock, Cena. I can’t pick one.

Facebook Fan Q&A 8/26/16

If you could fight Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesner, or Triple H, who would you pick?  I think all 3 are exceptional, but I’ve never faced Bill….so I’ll say Goldberg.

Do you agree with Bret Hart’s comments about Seth Rollins?  I don’t know what Bret said, but Seth is one of 3 best today. Period!

Any movies you could recommend?  Yes. Warrior…Dylan Dog…Pain and Gain…Lol. I’m in them (among others). Actually, Warrior has a great story.

What do you eat for breakfast?  Egg whites and oatmeal. Great mix of protein and complex carbs.

Have you traveled to Dubai or India?  Been to both many times. I traveled with USO to Dubai. And I’ve been to India 4 times with TNA Tour. Enjoyed both parts of the world.

What’s your heritage?  I’m a mutt. Italian. Irish. English. German. Lithuanian.

What do you love most about being a dad?  Watching my kids learn and evolve, seeing them create their own personalities, and watching them eat. Love it.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s UFC Debut?  I think he will do well if he’s healthy. We will see. Hope he actually fights this time. Training is a bitch and injuries occur. He needs to taper down and stay healthy.

What is your favorite horror film?  My favorite horror film now is The Boy. Creeeeeeeepy.

What kind of Asics were you wearing when you won the gold medal? Were they just for team USA?  Dan Gables, of course, he’s the man. Always will be!

What do you think of the wrestling circuit and scene in the UK and how does it compare to the likes of ROH in the US?  UK wrestling has stepped it up. Every bit as good as any other promotions, they’re great!

What are your best memories of working with Chyna? And what kind of legacy do you think she left?  Chyna was a pioneer for women. My fave was wrestling her and Eddie in a triple threat.

Facebook Fan Q&A 8/12/16

Do you play any instruments? If so which ones? Drums. I played drums for 20 years. I was pretty good at it. Allowed me to relax while preparing for Olympics. Great stress reducer.

Other than wrestling what other sports do you enjoy? Big football fan. I was an all-state linebacker and full back in high school. Love that sport.

Do you ever go back to the venue that you won your medals at or go to the Olympics in general? No, but I’ve been to Olympic Centennial Park in Atlanta many times. Great memories.

Who is your favorite WWE superstar/woman at this time? Right now? Rollins. Styles. Cesaro. Rusev. They’re all gifted wrestlers. Fave Vets- Taker. Lesnar. Cena. Women- Charlotte and Sasha.

Who is your favorite independent wrestler in the world today? Chris Hero. He can deliver for his size. The kid is gifted!

What are your thoughts on the cruiser weight classic? Didn’t see much of it, but I’m happy Sabre Jr was in it. Very talented!

Do you plan on working more dates with WCPW after the October shows? Taking it one booking at a time. But these guys truly have something special.

How was it to shoot the commercial at the SmackDown Hotel? Did you have fun? Yes. We filmed in South Beach Miami. Long shoot, but it was a lot of fun.

Chunky peanut butter or creamy? Chunky. If I’m going to eat it, I’m going to eat it like a real man. Lol

What are your thoughts on the Olympics right now? USA is crushing it!

What were you doing in that pic that you shared on the set of Those Who Can’t? Wait for the episode to air…lol. Let’s just say it started out as an amateur wrestling match and ended with a pro wrestling match. The match wasn’t very good, but was funny as hell.

Facebook Fan Q&A 7/22/16

Which wrestler you supporting for Rio Olympics 2016? J’Den Cox is a dark horse but I like the kid. Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder are former world champs so I’m depending on them for the medal count. Gonna be a great Olympics for Team USA.

How long do you train daily and what’s your routine like? I train 1 hour a day. That’s everything. Weight training, cardio (running on treadmill) and maintenance/stretching/yoga. You don’t need to kill yourself training to look good. Diet is more of the key at this stage of my life, but I train every single day.

What musical act would be the most influential to you? Or in other words, what music influences you the most? I’m a Christian music fan now but in the past it was Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince. Now it’s Casting Crowns and Toby Mac. I once took the K Love 30 day challenge 4 years ago and I got hooked. I’m now a loyal follower of K Love Radio and a contributor to them.

What is your favorite Primanti’s Sandwich? This is unusual, but Primanti’s is known for their sandwiches having French fries and coleslaw on them. They’re incredible. But I find a way to make it work without sidetracking my strict diet. I get the low fat turkey breast, with provolone cheese and coleslaw on white bread. It’s a little lower on calories but it’s still delicious. Love Primanti’s.

Who was your first ever opponent? Amateur? I don’t know. Some 7-year-old who whipped my ass. Pro? Tom Prichard from WWE. I was only training 3 days and Tom carried me through my first match. Christian was my 2nd match. Very talented.

What would you do if you had the ability to freeze time? Find a cure for cancer and save so many sick individuals who suffer from this disease the way my mother did.

Worst injury? My neck. I had some serious issues in the past, particularly in 1996 before Olympics. It was scary, but I was able to bounce back and win the Gold. My neck feels better than ever now. Crazy.

What did you think of the draft? I think it served its purpose…to separate talent and get Smackdown back in the game.

How did you break your neck? I got thrown on my head at the U.S. open in 1996. I didn’t know I broke it and continued to wrestle in the semifinals and finals. It was extremely painful. I then had to wrestle in the trials and Olympics with my neck broken. It was horrible. By the grace of GOD I was able to push through and win all 7 matches in trials and Olympics.

Where did the Angle Slam come from? I knew I had to come up with something that portrayed a suplex from amateur wrestling since I was a real wrestler. So one day I incorporated an arm drag into a side suplex. And that’s how the Angle Slam was born!

Facebook Fan Q&A 7/1/16

If you could’ve had a tag team(whether short term or long term) with one superstar in your career, who would it have been? Bret Hart or Ric Flair. 2 of the best ever. Love their work.

What do you think of the WWE doing the brand split again? It’s exciting for these guys. Lots of new talent will have an opportunity to showcase their skills. Should be interesting.

How important was education for you growing up, and how important is it for you today? Could you please share with us your academic background? How well did you do at school? Favorite/least favorite classes? Do you have any degrees? Education is everything. I graduated from high school and went to college and received my BS Degree in Geography. I did really well in college. 3.2 average. In high school, I focused mainly on sports so my grades averaged 2.2. I matured in college and took advantage of my education. It also kept me focused on what was important, my academic and athletic careers. Secondary education is a must today.

Out of all modern superstars, who would you say has the most heart and comes closest to having the Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence you have?  I like a lot of guys. Bobby Lashley, EC3, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins…Brock Lesnar. BUT, John Cena has really impressed me. Not because he’s the best athlete, but how consistent he has been for 13 years. That’s not easy. I had a 6 1/2 year run in WWE that was plagued with injuries because I would rush myself back too quickly. I was able to adjust to a lesser schedule in TNA and I had more success there. Cena has doubled my time in WWE, and has been their flagship since. Cena is the poster boy of the 3 Is’. It’s true!

Are you going to be watching the Olympics this year? Do you have any thoughts on the US Wrestling team? Anyone to keep an eye on? The U.S. team in Freestyle Westling is good!!!! Kyle Snyder and Jordan Burroughs will lead the team and both should medal unless they have the worst off days of their lives. I hope US Team gets at least 3 medals. It’s great and realistic.

How did you get to use your old WWE theme this year? Just curious as to how as they usually won’t allow anything like that happen.  @RevPro decided to use my WWE music. It was their call. Great choice. “You suck”.

Who in your opinion do you think is the best tag team ever? Wow. The Hardys, The Dudley Boys…Edge and Christian. Tough choice. There are many great teams like The Freebirds, Legion of Doom to name a couple. I don’t know how to rate them. But, I know the Dudleys have the most World Titles.

Any advice for a wannabe 12 year old wrestler? Has a song, gimmick and finisher. Yes. Try Amateur Wrestling to get a strong base and go from there. You won’t regret it.

What’s the main difference in wrestling in a six-sided ring and how long did it take to adjust to them? No difference, except the ring is a lot stiffer. That’s not very good on the body.

How many more years do you think left in your tank to put on high class matches until you finally can hang up your boots? Two years at the most. I don’t have much more to prove. It’s not that I can’t go 5 more years, I know that I can. But, I’m getting to a point in my life to where I need to move on and let the younger guys take the wheel.

What was the first car you ever owned? Dodge Dart. It’s a classic. Actually, it was a piece of Sh#t. Lol.

Facebook Fan Q&A 6/24/16

In 2001 you and Shane O Mac had one of the best matches ever in my opinion. Two years later you and Brock Lesnar were having milk drinking competitions. I was wondering did you prefer playing the aggressive character or the more fun loving character? I enjoyed playing both characters. Funny, funny loving, and a badass heel/baby. I love challenging myself to play different characters. A lot of fun.

Do you think it’s better for emerging talents in wrestling to prove their mettle on the international stage (amateur level) before turning pro? It’s great, the door will open wider if you’re a Medalist or Olympian, but you don’t have to.

What was it like entering the Armageddon Hell In A Cell? Did you know then that you were making history? That match was unique. To have 6 a list stars in that ring, it would be very difficult to match it. Those names will forever be the names people talk about for years and years.

What was your feeling when you suplexed Shane McMahon through glass twice at KOTR 2001? Sh#t! It didn’t work. If you fail, try again. LOL

What is your favorite way to pass the time while on the road? Reading Ben Carson books. I love this man. Wish he was our president.

Which country that you have never been to would you like to visit? Israel-Jerusalem. I’m fascinated with the history of Jesus.

What was the loudest crowd you ever wrestled in front of? Houston Texas. Wrestlemania 17. Wow…Electric!

If you get caught in a half nelson what do you do to escape? Turn your head away from it and pray you don’t get pinned…LOL!

If you didn’t use the Ankle Lock as a finisher, what other submission would you have used? The TRI-Angle choke. Coming soon.


Facebook Fan Q&A 6/10/16

What do you expect from your match against Zack Sabre Junior? I expect it to be incredible. I’ve heard so many great things about Zach Sabre. That’s why I’m wrestling him. #LMWGA

Will you be returning to upstate NY anytime for either wrestling or speeches? Saw you in both Buffalo and Elmira years back. Always a blast. I’ve always loved upstate NY fans. You guys are awesome. If I have an opportunity to go up there again, I will take it.

Which year did you have the most fun being a wrestler? 2000 and 2001. The comedy was off the charts. Fun times with Austin, Rock, HHH and Edge and Christian.

I’m debuting in a organization in a week, got any pointers on how to approach? Limit your bumps and sell like an SOB!

When you wrestled Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania, that technical segment, where you fought with the traditional technical wrestling, was that real? Was he really giving an Olympic gold medalist a run for his money back then? Did you enjoy that match, Kurt? Unfortunately, no. I learned how to use my style and to give and take as I chose, but Benoit was the best at following me. He had a rare talent that was exceptional.

What was in your head when Brock went for the shooting star flip to the 3rd rope? I was thinking, “Damn! My neck is broken and now Brock’s is. Who the hell is going to be world champ now?” 🙂

I’m training to be a wrestler, what is the most important aspect I should focus on, besides the technical aspect? I mean like promos, body language, eye communication, etc. Selling, bumping, and your character. Who are you?

What’s your favorite cheese? Seriously? American. ALL American. It’s true!

What are your favorite memories of Little Crash Holly? His ability to be tougher than anyone else. He was a little badass.

You’ve been using the hashtag #LMWGA. Adam Cole from ROH says the same thing. Are you in talks with ROH? No, I haven’t. But I think we are doing the same thing. Making wrestling as great as it can be. Mine is trademarked though. Lol. It’s true!

Facebook Fan Q&A 5/27/16

Why did the WWE tag you in a video a few weeks back? They did the same thing for AJ Styles as well. Does this mean you could be coming “home” ? I haven’t spoken to WWE as of yet. But I’m really enjoying my time off.

Hope all is good with you and your family. Just wondering how you guys will be spending your memorial day weekend? I will be marrying my nephew David this weekend. Just got my pastor’s license!

Almost every wrestler has said that you ‘got it’ quicker than anyone else. Ever. From promos. To ring work to your ridiculously underrated comedy chops. Any insight as to why you think you ‘got it’ so swiftly? Also do You have any acting aspirations? I don’t know why I “got it” so quickly. I just did, but I kept my mouth shut and ears open. Nobody will ever catch on as quickly as I did. I want to do more movies. I signed with an agency APA. Fingers crossed.

In a recent interview with Mick Foley, Shane McMahon said that his favorite match was versus you at KOTR. What was your opinion of that match, considering Shane is not a Wrestler, and considering he is “the boss’s son”? No doubt Shane is very talented. He’s an athletic machine. I loved KOTR match with him. Al Snow deserves credit. He put it together.

What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned/experienced in your career in wrestling that you are able to take away with you which will help you to better yourself/life outside of the ring? Injuries are part of the game. Work around them. And when you have a goal in mind, achieve it. Never give up. Sorry Cena lol.

What do you think about the new Roster Split? I mean I waited so long for it. But do you think, it’s good for WWE? The roster split is fine. WWE has lots of talent on the main roster and in NXT. It’s a smart move.

If you were given the chance to manage a wrestler from any promotion, whom will you like to guide? Benoit. Malenko. Guerrero. Loved those guys. Intense just like me.

Do you prefer to use bodyweight exercises or weight training? Both. They both are effective for different reasons. It depends on what sport you’re doing it for or what your fitness goals are. But both are great.

What were your favorite cartoons as a kid? Asking because your comedic timing is great. You kidding? Bugs Bunny. The master of 1 liners. Clever wabbit. Lol

Why did you decide to write blogs? To share my knowledge with ALL of you. I’m grateful for my life and I want others to know why I had the success I did. Pay it forward. GOD’s Blessing.

Facebook Fan Q&A 5/20/16

I have a dragon boat race in June. What can I do to prepare like a champion? I’m an underdog right now. Let loose. Don’t hold back. You have nothing to lose!

Dealing with chronic pain can do tremendous damage to ones psyche and personal life. I commend all of you who step in the ring and fight through the pain for the love of what you do and to entertain us fans. What advice can you give to anyone living through extreme chronic pain, and how to not let it consume you and restrict you from being who you want to be on a day to day basis? Maintenance. Your body needs simple maintenance. 1- neck traction is imperative to keep neck intact. 2- anti gravity for lower back and spine. 3- stretching hamstrings. 4- stay active, even walking helps. These simple things can help so much for body pain. Lastly, drink water all day long. When you’re dehydrated, it harbors body pain.

What is your favorite film? Rocky. Inspirational story.

In honor of his birthday, did you ever meet Andre the giant? If so what was it like? No, I never met Andre, but it would have been my dream if he was still alive.

If you were not a wrestler, what would you do- Business, Service or something else? Coaching. I would have been an Olympic wrestling coach. I also own a supplement company call Barndad Nutrition. I LOVE coaching though.

With a new baby on the way, (congrats by the way) are your other children excited or not really paying it any mind? Ha! Some are, some aren’t, but I’m sure they will be excited when the baby comes. Kids are kids. Lol.

How do you feel about going to ICW fear and loathing at the hydro in Glasgow this November and what are you looking forward to the most about it? I’m excited about November 20. I heard the fans are incredible. Will be fun!

What was your favorite product made with your likeness on it? I’d have to say when Coca-Cola was my sponsor for the Olympics. Love me some Diet Coke. I’m a Coca-Cola man…lol.

Who was the funniest wrestler in WWE away from the ring that made your ribs hurt with laughter? Stone Cold was naturally funny. Edge and Christian were funny as hell. So was the Rock. I would laugh so hard when we would end the shows with comedy. Most of it was off-air to entertain the house. Good times.

WHO DID NEGAN KILL?! Glenn. But I hope not. Glenn is one of my faves!!!!

Facebook Fan Q&A 5/13/16

I want to know what your next big projects is going to be…or what it’s looking like…is there something in the works that the Kurt Angle fans should be hyped about? I have many things coming up. I can’t really say. But stay tuned.

What are your thoughts about the Attitude Era? What is your favorite Era? What made the attitude era special was the fact that there were so many big names. The shows were a little more edgy, adult content if you will. Every segment meant something. I loved it. I was able to show my funny/comedic side. Once the attitude era was over, my character quickly turned serious. I enjoyed that as well. The fact that WWE became a publicly traded company meant good things for children. But for adult content, it had to move away from that. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just different now.

I was wondering how I could be a wrestler when I’ve never had or have experience. What are your suggestions as to where I should start to make it in the big time? I like to be different from everyone, I will still look up to you, but what’s the one thing that will separate me from the rest? I want to make my own legacy. Find a strong independent wrestling company near you. Learn techniques. But make sure your character is strong and worthy to gain eyeballs. Good luck!!

I’d like to know if you’re doing another Q&A tour of the UK in the future? Oh and if you are could you consider Kingston Upon Hull as we are the UK’s City of Culture next year? Yes I will do another tour soon. The 1st worked extremely well. I will consider your town also.

If you were in the Olympics NOW would Zika deter you from competing? Is there any moral stance you hold so dear as to not compete in the Olympics? We all take chances in life. This one is difficult, but I would go because that was my legacy…Winning Gold. This world is dangerous. But if you let everything hold U from your dreams, you’re lost.

Traveling with wrestling around the world, what’s been the longest period of time away from your family? And what helps you get through it? Pro wrestling was difficult enough but I was home for at least 1 day each week most of the time. Olympic Wrestling? I’d be gone months at a time. Sacrifice makes Champions.

Out of all the titles you won in WWE, TNA, or other wrestling promotions which title was your favorite to hold on to? My first or second. The titles against Rock and Stone Cold. It was the beginning of a truly wonderful career. Those guys were the standard. It made Me the standard.

Mr. Angle who was the hardest wrestler to body slam and why? Big Show. Need I say more???

Is there any athlete, wrestler or otherwise, going around today that reminds you of you at that age? Yes. Kyle Snyder. He’s a wrestler from Ohio state. World champion. NCAA Champion. He reminds me of me except his confidence matured a little quicker than mine. I could have won worlds at 19, but I wasn’t confident then. It’s amazing how mature he is.

The people need the truth from you Mr. Angle! What IS your favorite cereal? Cocoa Pebbles. I usually have a few bites of it when my Giulia’na and Sophia eat their breakfast. It’s the breakfast of champions. Wait. That’s Wheaties. Lol.