Brand Ambassador – Kurt Angle

Your branding is often the primary factor in determining whether or not your organization secures the final sale. Does your brand image require the positive push that will bring it to top-of-mind awareness within your target market?

Take your branding to the next level by bringing an All-American legend into the mix as a brand ambassador.

What Your Brand Needs

It’s not simply about expanding your brand’s audience through brute force. It’s about finding the right audience, and then finding the best way in which to reach it directly. It’s about setting yourself apart from the rest by working with a representative that does the same in their own personal life – an individual like Kurt Angle.

When selecting a brand ambassador, it is pertinent that you select one that identifies well with your target market. It’s also imperative that whoever you adopt to become the face of your branding to be a well-rounded individual, and one that is looked up to by his or her audience.

Why Kurt Angle?

From Olympic gold medalist to professional wrestler – from sports commentator to actor – few individuals ever attain as wide a breadth of experience as Kurt has. He is well respected throughout all of his areas of expertise, and therefore carries with him the clout necessary to successfully promote any brand.

Kurt represents a variety of ideals to his followers, including:

· Patriotism

· Strength & Power

· Fighting Courage

· Strong Moral Fiber

If you feel as though your brand should, or does, represent any of these qualities – or if you wish to simply increase brand exposure within the circles that admire Kurt Angle – then call Giovanna at 412.758.7718, or fill out our convenient contact form today.