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Confident or Arrogant?

Confident or Arrogant? Kurt Angle Official BlogIs it good to be arrogant, or cocky? Well, that’s a good question for me to ask myself, LOL. The answer? Yes and no. Is the arrogance actually coming from confidence? Being cocky, to a certain degree, breeds confidence. I’ve always been confident in my skills, but at the times that I wasn’t so confident, I was able to make myself believe I was, by ACTING like it, maybe coming off a LITTLE arrogant….LOL. It’s always a good thing to know in your heart and soul that you are capable of succeeding. Having the confidence to get the job done is always good, but keep it blended with humility. To gloat about how good you are may be stepping over the line into arrogance.

When you gloat and brag about your skills all of the time, and when the words coming out of your mouth supersede your actions, then you’re just a bullshitter. You have to ask yourself if your arrogance or cockiness is just camouflage for your insecurities.

So let your actions speak louder than your words, and when you do that, you will have the right to be arrogant in your confidence. It’s damn true.

Do we truly have Freedom of Religion?

constitutionI was on board an airplane coming home from an appearance when someone next to me, I guess around 20-something years old, was praying in his seat. I was surprised at the fact that he was praying to his God on an airplane, not because he was praying, but because he was praying out loud. Did it offend me? Hell no. I’m all for religious freedom and if he wants to pray, he can pray anywhere he wants to.

Unfortunately, today we live in a time where religious freedom seems to have been taken away from us. Are people TRULY offended by the words God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha? I don’t get it. If you’re an atheist, I’m not offended by it. I love all people and all walks of life, whether you’re religious or not. I have friends who are atheists. It doesn’t bother me. Do I believe that someday they will be held accountable for not believing? I truly don’t know, because I’m not God, and that is none of my business. I don’t force my beliefs on others.

I’ve been reading a book called “A More Perfect Union” by Dr. Ben Carson. He writes about how religious freedom has been taken away from us. I truly believe that it has!!!! I’m not a diehard Democrat or Republican and I vote for whoever is best suited to lead our country, but our Constitution states that we will be allowed to practice our religion “anywhere”. Hmmmm. Not true. It’s been taken out of our schools, and in some cases out of our professions/businesses.

You believers out there, stay strong and unite. Not to protest or riot, but to pray to your Savior or God to allow us to exercise our religion. Communicate with each other to get the word out, but don’t force it on others. EVERYBODY has a right to choose. This is a scary time in our world and we seem further away from God than ever.

The First Amendment of our Constitution allows us to be free to practice our religion anywhere, anytime. So what do I say to my kids, who have been learning from my wife and I about Jesus, when they are told at school you can’t practice your religion? I believe we ALL have a right to pray or talk about our God, whether we believe or not. So pray to your GOD and communicate with each other on how we can continue to practice our faith, or not practice any faith (if you don’t believe) with the freedom our Founders gave us. It’s your right to believe and say whatever you want about your faith, or your right to not believe. Our country was founded, created and built on the freedom to choose. It’s true!

Angle Strong

#AngleStrongHave you, or anyone you cared about, submitted into the hands of addiction? Addiction to alcohol? Painkillers? Benzos? Or all of the above? I have.

My addiction started when I was prescribed painkillers for a neck injury in 2003. I didn’t know how powerful the opiate drug was until I found myself taking an insurmountable amount of Vicodin. To be exact, I was taking 65 extra strength Vicodin per day. I started taking one pill a day, and before long kept doubling the dose over and over again. I loved the feeling it gave me, because it allowed me not to feel anything.

Let’s go back to a time before I fell victim to this disease. Growing up, I experienced many tragedies in my life, but I never grieved because I was on a mission to etch my legacy in stone in amateur wrestling. There was nothing I wanted more than to make my family proud, especially those I had lost in the past. My father died in a construction accident when I was 16. That’s the day I vowed I would do something great for my dad. I promised that nothing would stop me from winning a gold medal. I went to college and was preparing for my first NCAA Division 1 title when my grandma, my only living grandparent, died of a heart attack the day before my big event. I had spent every weekend with her growing up and we were very close. She was special to me. I knew that I had to put on my game face and win the title for her and my dad, and I had NO time to grieve for them. I know that they would have been proud of me win or lose, as long as I gave my very best. I did that, and I was so happy that I didn’t disappoint them.

Move ahead 5 years, and I was finally where I wanted to be. I was #1 on the USA freestyle wrestling team and had won numerous national titles and a world championship in 1995. I was “on par” to see my dream become reality. Then it happened again. My coach and mentor of team Foxcatcher, Dave Schultz, was shot and killed by the club owner, John DuPont. This was six months before the Olympic games.

To make matters worse, three months later I broke my neck at the U.S. open. I was told I couldn’t compete anymore, and my life crashed before my eyes. But with lots of prayer, determination and a great doctor, I was able to wrestle at the Olympic trials. The doctor used a very risky but clever method. He would inject 12 shots of Novocain into my neck right before each match. It worked, and I found myself on the Olympic team. I would need the injections to continue on my Olympic journey, so we did it, even though I was risking paralysis. You may think I’m stupid, but I think anybody who had the chance of winning Olympic gold would have done the same. I won gold, and found myself in a position where I enjoyed the competition so much that I needed to match that feeling again.

What now? I knew I didn’t want to make the Olympic journey again so I took a stab at pro wrestling. In 1999, I signed with WWE, and by the end of that year I was on WWE television and doing incredibly well. I had found my new love, professional wrestling. But it was almost taken away from me, AGAIN, when I broke my neck again in 2003. I had surgery and was put on pain medication. That was the beginning of my dark journey.

The pills made me feel invincible and kept me in the game, until my sister Le’Anne died of a heroin overdose, not long after my surgery. I didn’t want to feel pain, or anything. I had not grieved for my father, my grandmother, my coach or my sister, and I wasn’t about to begin. At least not with the success I was having in WWE. I felt like everything was being taken away from me.

So I started taking more and more Vicodin, stuffing the pain deep inside of me. Before I knew it, I was knee deep (more like shoulder deep) into my addiction. I was hiding it from WWE, and at that time they weren’t drug testing for medication like they do now. I then broke my neck 2 more times over the next 2 years, and the bad relationship/marriage I was in made me feel more alone than ever. I decided that I could not handle the rigorous schedule of WWE and I felt guilty about being a liability to Vince McMahon. So I asked for my release and I swore I’d get my life together.

After I went to TNA, I was taking a lower dose of medication but I didn’t entirely quit. I started drinking alcohol excessively and went through a bad divorce. Eventually, I found the true love of my life, my wife Giovanna. But I kept taking the pills and drinking until I passed out each night. I knew it wasn’t fair to my wife or my kids, but I did everything I could to hide my feelings and emotional pain.

I had a successful career with TNA as I did in WWE, but I ruined any good reputation I had by receiving 4 DUIs in 5 years. I knew I had to do something to save my life and my marriage, so I checked into rehab and I’ve been clean and sober for over 3 years.

I’ve witnessed my mother suffer and die from cancer (leukemia) and my brother David go to jail for admitting to killing his wife while he was high on drugs. But I’ve dealt with those issues sober. I have allowed myself to experience true emotional and physical pain, even from the past. It’s not easy, but it’s the right way to live life. I’ve salvaged what could have been a tragic story, and I’m writing my own story on how the rest of my life will pan out. I thank God that I didn’t mess up my liver due to the medication I inhaled. (I just had a physical and everything is good). I love my wife and kids too much to go back to the drugs, and I am worthy of enjoying what I accomplished in my life. I want to be there to help my kids and make sure they never make the mistakes I’ve made. I love my life, I love my family and I love my fans.

What’s my next move? To help others suffering from addiction. I have started a program called #AngleStrong to help addicts in recovery STAY clean. It’s the least I could do for what God has blessed me with, and it’s time to give back for a life that was so focused on me and my accomplishments. #AngleStrong will be launching this year, and I will be promoting it, along with the #AngleStrong App to help addicts in recovery.  *UPDATE: for more information on the AngleStrong app visit

God saved my life and he put me here to help others pull themselves out of the pit of addiction. #AngleStrong “will” save lives. If you or anyone you know has a problem with addiction, look for the #AngleStrong Program to assist your loved ones. Follow me on Twitter at @realkurtangle. I will do my very best to help anyone who is suffering from this horrible disease. It’s true.

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Your BodyDo you know your own body? How to truly take care of yourself? Not just your outward appearance, but also your mind, your soul and your insides — your organs.

I have always tried to take care of my health, in every way. Was I always successful at it? Absolutely not. There were moments in my life when I completely ignored my body, whether I was injured, dehydrated, eating an unhealthy diet or abusing medication, I always thought that I could turn things around early enough to avoid any long term effects to my body.

Well here I am, realizing now that I need to do better. Prayer and meditation, a proper diet, exercise, sufficient rest, and drinking lots of water have become priorities for me. I think about my wife and kids, and it makes me want to live another 50 years…. for them. That is my motivation. I now spend more time making proper meals, stretching each day, and doing things that will allow me to live a long, healthy life.

For example, I went to the gym this morning. I used to go to the gym, throw bunch of weights around, and then leave. I didn’t warm up or stretch, just got my “pump” and left. Now? My gym routine is get in the hot tub for 20 minutes, the sauna for 10 minutes, drink plenty of water, stretch, then lift weights, run 2 miles, and finish with some yoga and five minutes of prayer/meditation. They say, “Your body is your temple.” So take the time to keep your mind, body and soul healthy. It’s not always easy, but you won’t regret it. It’s true.

Get your heads out of your a##es and your eyes off of your phones!

Social media- Kurt Angle BlogWe all are involved with some type of social media…I don’t know one person who isn’t. It’s great to participate in this incredible outreach of communication, but does it affect our lives? Yes! It does. We have become addicted to our cell phones today. In a way, we feel we are missing out on what’s going on on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc if we are not constantly connected.

I was in a restaurant a few weeks ago and EVERY single person was on their phone, even those who weren’t eating alone… even couples. I saw a good looking married couple who never even looked at one another during their entire meal! I didn’t realize how much I was on my phone until I started watching everyone else tapping into social media.

So my wife and I came up with 2 rules:

1. We can only be on our phones from 11am-5pm every day. No acceptions.
2. We are NOT allowed to view our phones during meals. We sit down “as a family” and we communicate “as a family”.

My wife Giovanna and I felt this would show our children how improper it is to dabble into your phone or IPad during a family meal. I agree 1,000 percent.

Social media is supposed to connect us, but I’ve found that we’re more disconnected than ever. If we continue on this path, Within 3 years NOBODY will communicate face to face. They will text or email one another, even if they’re sitting across from each other! It’s a losing battle. The only way we can save “family communication” is by making rules on when to use and not to use our devices. It seems to be working for our family so far. So, if you feel the same way that I do, you may want to draw a line and demand that your family saves the one thing that keeps a family together….. COMMUNICATION. Not by text, not by instant message, but face to face. I promise that if you do this, your family will be much closer and more loving. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true!!!

Remembering September 11th

September 11- Kurt Angle Official BlogYesterday was 9/11. It was an incredibly sad day 15 years ago when 3,000 innocent victims died because of a terrorist attack on the United States.

It is still a sad day, and a day to remember. But when we remember, we show our fellow Americans and other people around the world how we continue to band together and pray for those who lost their lives (and the families of those who lost their lives) because we have the freedom to live the way we do.

I feel that 9/11 should be observed as a holiday for all of our citizens to show that we are a nation of strength and faith. It’s a day to remember WHY we are different, and why the people who died on that day will never be forgotten. September 11 will always be the day we realized that we now live in a different world, and that no matter what, the ones who want to force us to give in to their beliefs will not win. We will win, because we won’t ever change what made our nation great.

So no matter where you live, remember not only 9/11 but the moments of tragedy in other countries. We need to keep fighting for what we believe in, and NOBODY will change us. Nobody!! We are strong. We are good. And we are ONE. It’s true.

I am Not Invincible

Invincible-Kurt-Angle-BlogFor my entire life, I have always challenged myself, and I knew I could accomplish ANYTHING if I wanted to. I wrestled for 37 years, amateur and pro, and I dabbled in MMA training because I wanted to fight. I have been in numerous movies where I did my own stunts.

I’ve always been a physical person. Whether we are ready to admit it or not, there comes a time where our bodies can only take so much. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but then it’s time to hang up the things that have been tough on our bodies. Up until 3 years ago, there was nothing I wouldn’t do. But now that I’m 47 years old, I find myself in a position where it’s no longer what my body can do for me, but what my brain can do for me. Yes! I have a brain, and a high school and college education. I’m not a dumb jock like some may think.

It’s difficult to admit that I can’t “kick ass” like I used to. Don’t get me wrong. I can still “go”, but I need a lot more recovery time. It’s time for change, and I’m okay with that. When you’re young, you feel invincible. I used to train for 10 hours a day, every single day. Now, one hour a day is sufficient. I will continue to train as hard as I can, because I have found out quickly that if I stop pushing myself physically I will lose the physical attributes that God has blessed me with. If you don’t move it, you will lose it. My overall health depends on how active I am and what I utilize to fuel my body, and exercise and proper diet will allow me to live another 40-50 years. So I will keep training. But it’s time for a change because I’m NOT invincible… anymore. So now is the time for me to start thinking about how I can contribute from a cerebral point of view.

Helping my kids accomplish their dreams seems to be the next chapter in my life. And the longer I can do that, the better it will be for my kids. So I expect my life to change dramatically over the next 2 years, and I’m ok with that. It’s just the circle of life, and it’s time for me to “give back”.

So now, it’s about my children, and I need to stay active and healthy to assist them in accomplishing their dreams. I will teach my kids my “never quit” attitude. And they WILL learn it. Then they will take the ball from me and score the touchdown. Hey, that’s life. None of us will remain invincible. But we can teach others our ability to overcome obstacles. And to be honest? It will be lots of fun for me. And that is damn true.


Confidence Kurt Angle BlogYou have probably read some of my previous blogs. I always try to remain humble and appreciative and to be complimentary of other people. It’s part of how I was raised.

But make no mistake, despite my humble approach to things I am confident. Very confident. I try not to toot my own horn though, because I don’t really need to. My accomplishments speak for themselves. My wife would actually tell you that I have an alter ego. His name is “King Kong Kurt”, and when he appears, you had better take cover, LOL. I honestly do try to have a humble approach to life, and I always compliment others about their accomplishments and successes. But truthfully? I’m an f’ing animal, and I know it. My wife and kids know it. Even the good Lord knows it. 😃

I’ve never participated in anything without believing I could be the absolute best. I’m THAT good. You have to balance that kind of belief with some humility. Lack of confidence is the biggest reason for failure. So stay humble about what you do in life because it can be taken from you in the blink of an eye. But deep down, always know that you WILL succeed. It builds the proper ego that you need to be the very best. It’s damn true.

Make Them Proud

You don't have to be famous. You just have to make your mother and father proud of you.Growing up, the one thing I wanted more than anything was to make my family proud. To do something so outstanding that it would carry my family’s legacy. I was always a timid little boy that wanted to please my mother and father. I think we all are like that, even when we get older.

Ever since my mother passed away more than a year ago (my dad passed when I was 16), I’ve been very emotional. I can’t thank them enough for how they provided for me and gave me the best life they could offer. I didn’t have toys or nice clothes to wear, but obviously they gave me ENOUGH. If I had had everything I ever wanted, then why would I have pushed so hard to accomplish everything I did in the past? It’s nice to be spoiled by your parents and to have them do everything for you, but then why would you work hard? And would you learn anything?

My parents gave me what they could, and I created a work ethic that put me in a position to do amazing things. Don’t get me wrong; God blessed me with my physical abilities and the will to succeed. But my parents allowed me to participate in sports and gave me a platform to achieve my goals. How? They allowed me to make mistakes. They did NOT enable me. They let me fall on my face and forced me to pick up the pieces and press forward, by myself.

Many parents are afraid to let their children make mistakes, and allow them to quit when they could grow stronger. For example, when a child plays baseball, has a horrible game, and tells their parents that they don’t want to play anymore. That is exactly when my mom and dad would have stepped in and said, “You’re not quitting at ANYTHING!! You will stick with it until the end of the season. You’re not a quitter.”

So to this day, I keep pushing myself to make my parents proud. And it has shown me what kind of father I want to be. So Kyra, Kody, Giulia’na, Sophia and Baby #5, I will absolutely do whatever I need to do make your lives successful. You will have to work hard, and when you fall, I will be there. Not to pick you up and dust you off, but to be your #1 cheerleader so that you can do it on your own. I promise all of you that it will make you stronger.

Thanks Mom and Dad. I miss you both. It’s damn true.