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UK Tour

I’m heading to the UK January 29-31 for Impact Wrestling TV shows. The UK has always been my favorite tour to attend. From record crowds, to the electricity of the fans, it makes the wrestlers want to go beyond their call of duty to give the UK fans something to remember. I’ve been going to the UK for 15 years and it has never disappointed. Continue reading

Full Body example workout for men 40+

Training with Kurt Angle

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I run 3 to 4 miles hard
  • In my 11 set program I mix up the exercises from time to time to keep my training fresh
  • I Super Set Each Training Block and take little to no rest to make my training not only for strength but to maintain my cardo performance.
  • The 10 strength training blocks take me 30-35 minutes to do that I follow up with 30 minutes of Cardo.
  • Sunday is my full day or rest – no training.

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