#AngleStrong App Coming Soon

#AngleStrong App Coming SoonWe’ve all heard about the epidemic of opiates and alcohol in the US. In fact, it’s getting worse every year. Many talk about it, but who will do something about it? I will! My name is Kurt Angle and I’m a recovering addict of 3 1/2 years. I’ve decided to be the one that makes a difference in this awful disease.

Starting in Jan 2017, my #Anglestrong App will be released to the public. It’s an App/Program like no other. #AngleStrong can assist addicts and recovering addicts to stay in recovery. If you are an addict, the #AS App will be your lifeline. We will send you positive messages daily, you will check in each day to show your loyalty to your recovery, and if you’re in distress, we will aid you to stay in recovery or get you back in recovery if you relapse. The app will also recommend NA/AA Meetings close to you and recommend the best possible rehab facility that fits your needs. In addition, I will have a monthly skype call with all of my members of #AS to help you continue your journey in recovery.

If you’re an addict, recovering addict, or you know someone who is struggling, PLEASE encourage them to stay clean by joining #AS. “We are addicts, but we will win, it’s TRUE!”